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SOME of you will be struck by the astonishing new paint job; much as I felt the original template suited the name/concept of the PILL BOX, I was already starting to get a case of cabin fever inside the claustrophobically cubist lines ... and looking increasingly enviously at other people's blogs, which seemed by comparison bathed in the light of reason ... or maybe that's just the writing.

OK, that's true, but the REAL reason is that while trying to code write my way into having a functioning ARCHIVE, I sent the whole thing, model kit and flaneur's kaboodle, into some parallel HYPERLINK universe ... where even now it orbits, lonely as a cold, dead planet . . .

WHY IS IT my e-friend Hernan, say, can explain settings and how to write 'em to me and make it as easy as strokng the head of a cat? Whereas the blogger instructions on how to hitch up your ARCHIVES are written in that frustratingly opaque computer bod lingo which seems to assume in the reader a working 10 year M.I.T.-level knowledge of HTML code writing?

So: somebody, anybody, someone who's had the same hiccough, how about sending me a MORON'S Guide to idiot-proof ARCHIVE preparation?


posted by Ian 4/29/2003 12:41:00 PM

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