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So The Paw Boy drags it all back it ALL back drags love training objectives drags socratic platonic french revolution money cryptology hawks AND doves drags it all down into the wastebacket [down on the blue corner of bleaker & stink…
So: we take take no prisoners take notes on the War Unfolding and play it back cut it up {cuts tracks bruises) seeded in with little daubs of wsburroughs gbataille {I MYSELF AM WAR} de sade tzara whomever I think matters and whosoever thinks me at exact take coordinates point of war running down fold it all back drag it dump it in an ocean basin 3,000 yrs later a great great great great great g-kid of yours bush blair chirac is deep see diving see around wrecks of gulf war deals and finds what does it say INT STEVEDORES INC dumped down there shit a barrel of contaminated waste no one else’s all their own with a trade union official arms tied round it to meet at the back and yr grand child bush blair chirac {BBC} its poor body already wracked weakened tracing paper translucent all those anti viral drugs its taking the year 5004 can you imagine has a heart attack puple blue skin bluer than the ocean itself & expires in contaminated gunk waste purple haze…
// al-2-gather–NOW: *purple haze all in my brain purple haze*… //
So fold it all back rake it all in sift and collage and compare & OBSERVE.
“Observance & vigil is our nu threshold words words to live by & sleep the sleep of the just,”, says The Paw Boy, stroking his temporary assignee, a beautiful space-black tom he calls it Stokely…
“Presocratics? Dump em in the ocean with all the peace protestors.
Non violent protest went down the plug with chat rooms pole dancing cd roms…
“ARMED OVERTHROW baby without an agenda our only hope…” and he kissy kissy mm mm mm mm his baby Stokely…
“Gentlemen I bring you the magicK Kat Kommandos… now you betta beware SUCKERS! Earth suckers air suckers blood sucker leaches in billions & shale & executions like you Bush Bush Clinton good ol boys using the HEXecution of mentally disadvantaged dirt poor black boys to swing your chads… oh, not much has changed has it boys? But we never forget ANYTHING here in The Pill Box {later for your edification: guided tour day one thru the Archives… Observatory… Sex Gym; day two thru the Arsenal… Obelisk… Semenmary maybe I mean seminary and maybe I don’t, mary, we’ll just have to wait and see won't we…
“Spent two hours in The Garden yesterday clearing a space, sit nice & peaceful on my green marble obelisk and just smile in sublimely abject SILENCE as my babies jump & gambol & play… you think this is some kinda musty BUNKER? Get outta here..! What do you think we ape our enemies in their shame and shadows and guilt and secrecy? NO SECRETS HERE in the Garden of Unheimlich Delights… only veils and swathes and bands of 4-d camouflage sparkling diamond nets in the post midday sun & lull… Stokely! Bonnie! Blanchot!} THE END IS ALSO A BEGINNING

a.m bathtime reading:
Georges Bataille
of Excess
Selected Writings,
[University of Minnesota Press 1986]
…all of, but especially THE SACRED CONSPIRACY.
william s burroughs pp 225…231 from nova express in word virus the wb reader [flamingo 1999] {personal note it still has the nova blue price tag I bought it last days in melbourne spring 2000…}


Native land is not the land. It is the community of feelings.
ANY “WHERE” until there are no repeats, REPEAT, no WHEREs ANY
WHERE REAP THESE WORDS Native land is not the land. It is the
community of feelings // native land is not the land it is the
community of feelings… // native feel is not landed it is the
unity of come, feel, ---------, say, speak softly say WHERE say
WHEN drop dead speak silence & read only text speak soft speak
silent die heimat ist nicht n’est pas le sol it is est
LA COMMUNIDAD DE LOS AFFECTOS Native land is not the land.
It is the community of feelings.
IAN HAMILTON FINALY cut up w/ip a.m 18/4/03

posted by Ian 4/18/2003 11:40:00 AM

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