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Way past midnight: the AMIS shakes.

Watching THE BURBS [Joe Dante 1989] last night --
(hey, it had been a long day, I’d done a lot of work, I needed some wind-down trash and anything with Bruce Dern in is OK on the pill Box...):
-- what I want to know is:
IS IT JUST ME or was the Henry Gibson character, ‘meant’ to be, like, STALIN?

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“America’s choice of governor for post-war Iraq is the final insult.
Jay Garner is a defence missile contractor (“arms dealer” in the Arab press) and close associate of Wolfowitz, whose best-known political avowal was his signature of the “Flag and General Officers’ Statement on Palestinian Violence” put out by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs in October 2000: “We, the undersigned, believe that during the current upheavals in Israel, the Israel Defence Forces have exercised remarkable restraint in the face of lethal violence orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority.”
The news of his appointment incensed the Arab world – as, no doubt, it was calculated to do. It was nakedly triumphalist and entirely in keeping with the Bush administration’s policy of teaching the Middle East a humiliating lesson."
Jonathan Raban/Guardian 19/4/03 quoted in The Week.


pillboxARCHIVE 8
Document extract:
NOTES made
22nd-23rd March 2003

For some reason this a.m., in an unaccountably good whistling & singing in the street yet mood.

Went out to get cigarettes (they KILL you, you know… I wonder if new health conscious arms dealers ask for Exocet Light? With the new larger improved Health Warning: STANDING THERE IS GOING TO GET YOU KILLED DUMMY!), on way to shop was stopped in street by wiry Rasta-ish guy.
“Hey bredda… ya have a spare cigarette?” (NOT a tru Rasta, then.)
He had a FREE PALESTINE badge, PEACE leaflets: was obviously off to today’s Peace March in Central London.
Or was he?
It would be a good day to beg in such duds, wouldn’t it? Well, wouldn’t it? All the north london liberal populus both sides now anti-war consensus en masse, broken-hearts & open-pockets just waiting to be picked & plucked. . .
Is that cynical? (And yes, I opened my new IT KILLS YOU, YOU KNOW pack of Marlboro Lights and gave him one; but drew the sniffy bourgeois line when he started hustling me for more. Huh! Picked the wrong guy there, mate! My heart - patrolled by ICE DOGS … do you hear them bark?)

Well, cynical it may be, but if it occurred to me, I’m sure there's a few street people it occurred to, nicht war?

And all appearances of my happy whistling mien to the contrary, I DO feel cynical today, fatalistic, like: any bourgeois peace WALK is going to do the least thing to alter a newly obstreperous & hugely insulated American hegemony!

(This isn’t a “WAR” pe se: it’s a CRUSADE. Literally. Its premises spring from offended realpolitick amour propre and the glad-handed export of self-certain VIRTUE.)

(Buggers Thought for the day: wouldn’t you like to eavesdrop on what the cast of the REAL West Wing REALLY say on certain people and topics in private? Even the otherwise smart likes of Rory Bremner have gone for the too-easy Meathead caricature of Bush Jnr, just like they did with John Major, and we now know how wrong they were there. OK: in public, before the cameras, BUSH may come over major dork, whose hardware is going going gone whippy drip daddy-whipped soft; but me personally I don’t hear Bush going ‘Gee golly, guys…’ in private like Reagan, I hear “Goddamnit, Don, these Palestinian cock-suckers…”)

If the PEACE protestors are SERIOUS then why not go with plan ‘pb’?

Now – we know it’s the only thing that works. Money. Profit.
So boycott EVERYTHING – TV shows, music, cigarettes, fast food … because you KNOW they would soon pay attention if the whole-a Europe Inc wrote off every first & last particle of their American desire & demand, no? Because CORPorations their share holders et al would get mighty pissed off but quick and it’s the CORPS that OWN You-S democracy.

It’s only logical.
There was a worldwide BOYCOTT of everything American (and it would trail true personal collective meaning of a sort in its WAKE because it WOULD mean giving up lent like a lot of OUR FAVOURITE THINGS*), it would also have added side benefits:
· feeling less cynical and gun bound for one thing, cut the US image line
· you + we both but ESPECIALLY the You-K would have the newly liberated time & brain space to learn new langauges!
· & practice genuine CHARITY…

{* and I SHOULD say here how many of my favourite things ARE American, even if I feel an essay coming on about the strange factor common to a lot of current You-S faves – from West Wing to Baerwald to some rap to various diss-info websites – that they make, and display, a VIRTUE out of JUST HOW DISSATISFIED they are with the oh impossible impossibly bad fucked up politically malign state of the Union and JUST HOW IMPOTENT everyone feels about it to boot…

But JUST WALKING in protest…? OK, yes, I mean OH-Kali, gesturally, its fine & virtuous, but… but but but but…

Because of the ‘schizo’ nature of this ‘war’ there is a terrible tendency for one’s ‘TRUE’ (or only just unconscious) feelings to leap out and gloat dah dah … when things look like they’re starting to go wrong.
Or is that just me?
Maybe: never say anything at a distance you wouldn’t feel perfectly OK saying to soldiers faces, or their families… ?

{cf. the night I nearly had a major family spat on my hands in that restaurant with both my brother and father over something mean-spirited & deliberately provocative & devils advocate - but TRUE – I said about troops in N. Ireland. Brother had just had a friend killed there, thus…]

Fine line.
If this IS WAR then why pussyfoot around with the appeasing language of “our boys”…? Why should peace be wimp-out? I MYSELF AM WAR … in my desire for peaceful resolution.
There’s a residually Nietzschean part of me thinks NOW is not the time to be all Christian-minded about who you offend and what you say… rather, cleave to the church of TRUE Cynicism.
Cf, Peter Sloterdijk, and another book I never tire of returning to: his
Critique of Cynical Reason [1983/ trnsltn 1988.]

“In everyone, the ice dogs bark.”
Ernst Toller [1927]

Anyway all this a kind of prelude to remarking how SOME strange emotion – released abruptly unthinkingly as both a sardonic ‘ha ha’ [like a glum version of Nelson frm The Simpsons] and a high pitched shrill disbelieving laugh - escaped my lips first thing this morning I heard the news oh boy…
I was still half asleep … TV News straight on…
There have already been X helicopter crashes.
[Two, three? Is it I wondered that helicopter that has a HISTORY of fucking up and dropping out of the sky? The one that crashed in Scotland killing all those intelligence chiefs returnig from N. Ireland…? Blame for which Whitehall then UNFORGIVABLY but unconvincingly tried to palm off onto the perfectly decent pilot… knowng all the while this particular model had a HISTORY of doing just that…]

But THIS …
This, today:
Grenade rolled into tent. 1 dead and 11? 22? injured, two seriously.
And here’s the thing: it turns out it was a US SERVICEMAN DID IT.

For a start: the NOTABLE thing: it was being blamed on TERRORISTS – and very specific terrorists – with notification of where these terrorists came from and how they got there and what they supported – last night on the late NEWS.
How did that happen?

[Subsequently learned: the US serviceman had a Middle Eastern souding name. And that’s ALL we’ve subsequently learned.]

And the first UK plane shot down last night.
THIS ‘ha ha’ was sardonic, glum, reserved: NO schadenfreude.
ONCE AGAIN …“shot down by a US Patriot missile…”
[PATRIOT missile!]
I MEAN – what in JACK PARSONS name is going ON out there?
How many self-on-self incidents IS that now?
How difficult IS it not to shoot at yourself in a DESERT against an enemy which has NONE repeat NONE of the same big shiny HI TECH shit you do?


Special religious sevices on TV this morning.
Special ‘modern’ hymns oh no oh YES.

“All that hate and blah blah increases
Let it from the earth be banned
Pride of status race or schooling-”

Oh no, stop, STOP!

The BATAILLE in me says: … never mind. Nevermind.

posted by Ian 4/26/2003 12:17:00 AM

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