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Month to the day since the War started.
Watched Chris Marker’s Grin Without A Cat as – well, as a marker. Reminder. Antidote

Marker is such an inspiration. (More on him soon.)

[Grin… I own on a VHS from a time in the 1980s when Channel 4 still took seriously its remit to provide genuinely alternative viewing. Now: … well, we do have a Salon; but it’s not quite what we anticipated.]

So, happy anniversary, then: cluster bomb amputations; still-absent 'weapons of mass destruction' evidence; bread ques; Baarth party members re-instated; the return of militant Islam. . .


When BUSH doesn’t have a script: a HOWLING VACUUM. Looks like Johnny Carson with the film jumping – odd, bad, awkward body language TRYing to look like Mr Natural. And failing, And flailing. And his grab-bag, stumbling cliches about “when…people…are FREE…its a lovely thing….”
But is he necessarily going to like what they do with their freedom?
The mosque. Islam. A massive return: a popular movement. Powerful imams. Shiite days.

The CIA long ago asserted ITS opinion that “far from encouraging the moderates, the CIA believes that free elections [in Iraq] will lead to a victory for Islamic fundamentalists.” [The Week, 22/3/03] Which belief was, after all, the real reason behind the sudden USA scarper / betrayal in the first Gulf War.
More on this anon.

“Miles Copeland II, father of Miles Jr [Police manager/label-owner] and Stewart Copeland [Police drummer], was famously a high-ranking CIA official. Married to a former British intelligence agent, Copeland Sr spent much of his post-war career in the Middle East, working “on loan” to Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser and engineering a covert coup against the Syrian government [!] As manager of The Police, Miles Copeland III openly enthused about using the band as a showcase for western capitalism, especially on their ground-breaking visits to military dictatorships and Third World nations.”
[from UNCUT 59 April 2002]

posted by Ian 4/20/2003 11:12:00 PM

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