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Lots of work qua work to do next few days and already all my Recon / BUSH league Democracy notes are piling up like junk mail in a holiday home.

Re: work. Nice to write about Nina Simone if for no other reason than I get to mention Frantz Fanon, Stokely Carmichael and others. And is it my imagination, or am I now seeing CAMUS name everywhere since I mentioned it here?

Thanx for all the encouraging and/or pleasant e mails so far received. International e mail! Hernan writes from Buenos Aires to say BORGES CAT's name was Beppo; and that we shouldn't look forward too much to that PYNCHON documentary, as it's a stinker.

And an especially big thankyou to HERNAN for initiating me into the mysteries of HYPERLINK. So, this is for you, Hernan.


Howcum they decided to transfer the glorious WEST WING [all quibbles aside] from its PRIME TIME Saturday night spot to a MAROONED ice ledge on the other side of nowhere tonight? Coincidentally coinciding with the "war" as it did. . .


Anyone else notice how the lovely Eno's DIARY [faber and faber 1996] is like, a proto blog? Love the book, but one single solitary mean minded question always remains over and unanswered every time I return to it/him.
To wit, howcum one of the most talented and far out and intelligent producers in the Biz, ends up toiling away at (my GOD) JAMES?
(And, er, U2.)

I do have an answer, but it's not very pleasant.

Back to work. . .

posted by Ian 4/28/2003 06:52:00 PM

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