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Document extract:
NOTES made
18th-19th March 2003

LAST NIGHT: postponed BBC2 documentary on Israel.
Nuclear dirty secrets, inter alia.

IRAQI Information Minister - on Bush. “… how come such an ignorant idiot man has been elected leader of a CLEVER people like America…?’
Alright, all politics aside, “Us” vs “Them”, and all: I actually WHOOPED.
Someone had finally said what so many of us had been thinking for so long; headrush feeling of hearing precisely the sort of thing you NEVER hear said on TV’s public discourse – the shadow thought, the GUT feeling. Even the likes of Question Time… all still run according to fake politesse, ‘balance’, prim lipped bureacrats, handers out of ‘facts’ and ‘stats’. The gut feeling counts, though; not in the wishy washy way that you can simply say ‘Oh war is terrible, we mustn’t’, which just won’t wash, but one of the real reasons people are so disgruntled (even people who suspect that toppling Saddam is an good idea, come what may) is the unendurable thought that they are being given a lesson in ethics by George Dubya Bush.

USA guy: vice admiral addressing fleet.
To the intro of Queen’s [sic] WE WILL ROCK YOU drumbeat: “Make no mistake! When the President says GO … Look out – it’s HAMMER time!”
Where does one begin to unpack this?

PROTEST TODAY [In Birmingham?] Muslim schoolchildren. Rolled-up bits of paper. Coins. And a mathematicians compass. (Exercise in sledge hammer irony: compare & contrast with mathemtically out-there NooBombs…) Cop holds compass up for cameras as if it were scimitar. Surreal moment: Chance encounter of a maths lesson with the state apparatus.

+War as arena/terrain for New Weapons being tested.
+US companies drawn up for reconstruction [inc Rumsfeld’s -ex].
All U.S. No others.
+Dust storms.
+Today UK Govt web page goes up: advice upon terrorist attack: bottled water & tinned foods.
+Brief flash of an e.g. or i.e. thought via The Sopranos last night: reason why drug laws are kept intact in USA: when all else fails they can be used as THREAT, bargaining chip, final counter…

+Baudrillard-era version of Gunter Grass Diary of A Snail. Diary of A … Sponge?
+Unfeasibly beautiful weather last 2/3 days…
+Dream this morning. Powerful, detailed, ELEGIAC. ‘End’ of something? So vivid,
but as per usual when I try to transcribe it, seems but a dinner plate of fish bones … unlinked signifiers.
I.e.: “[…] Find drugs under table. Peeing at night. Drugs. Drugs smuggling. China. Key. 341. Lockers. Airport. London. A Saturday. (I know it’s Saturday the way you
KNOW in dreams.) LIGHT ON WATER. Leaving. London/New York ‘feeling’ from previous dreams. Should I have one last look rnd city? Gallery? (Lucien Freud?) Bridges.
Too crowded. Old friend T. seen coming out of shop wearing coat…”
+What is left out of Baudrillard. Also, in his own idiomatic way, he mirrors the mainstream media’s “we” mode, which is so irritating. Immediately someone starts a statement “We…” something in me hesitates, blanks, tenses.

posted by Ian 4/19/2003 11:05:00 AM

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