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NOTES made
21st March 2003 [p.m.]

Genuinely scary paranoia-inducing moment tonight:
B-O-O-M!! outside.

DU MANQUE}{de la symetrie, des vibrations, de la perspective

Or: Baghdad is burning, and I live by the receiver. . .

Trevor McDonald @10
“…the images which, of course, have been flashed around the world … Iraq’s Interior Minister waving his ak47… Baghdad burning again…”

Trivial ‘Is it just me?’ note: despite his sacrosanct status, I have never felt comfortable with Trevor McDonald. To these ears, it always sounds like he uses the self same identical tone for everything … which I find, to say the least, offputting. An item on a skateboarding hamster, or the discovery of mass graves: he deploys the same odd, oddly upbeat, smiley tone.


Yesterday evening, I walked around local Waitrose sporting an old 77-era Red Army Faction lapel badge. No reaction. And if there had been? My explanation? Do I really have one?

Numerous explanations.
People didn’t notice. People thought I was childish, silly, a fashion twat. People saw but had no idea what it was. Or why I would wear it, this 25-year-old past its sell-by date protest sigil. Then, it would have been dubious. Now, it is meaningless - a crap DADA gesture.
But it did somehow match or embody, in its crappy half-hearted way, that feeling of dislocation I’ve been talking about: when on TV deadly serious news is followed by business as usual trivia.

A/: I wore it to be the only person walking round a Waitrose tonight, wearing a Red Army Faction badge. (Unless anyone can tell me otherwise). Perhaps, unknowingly, I walked past some outre stylist by the Olive Oil tonight, and next month in Dazed & Confused there’ll be a whole fashion spread based around Ulrike et al…
(Who was the one whose mug shot gave me a frisson of an unacknowledgable crush, way back in … 78?)

I don’t know if it’s connected to the “fireworks” …
Somewhere in the air tonight: middle eastern music, chanting, celebration. Huh? Finsbury Park is a haven for vrs refugee communities (and here that much abused word ‘community’ does for once apply); amongst them might be some who are delighted by Saddam’s putative imminent downfall, I guess. Amongst them might be some who were tortured, who lost friends & family, who were forced to flee.

Years ago I had one of my many ‘ideas’ that I should get to know something about these new communities – esp in re the whole Muslim thing. That it was some kind of imperative, in fact: a pivotal moment; a cusp time.
How right I was, even if my ‘idea’ remained just that. I didn’t do it, naturally; I never do.
I do remember cutting out a photo from the Guardian: line up of stern mullahs. Something about it said take note this may be the FUTURE and best wake up to it NOW.
(Is it a question of knowing one’s limitations? Well, yes; but not to the point where you are nothing but those limitations; an Unbalance which produces mere sub-Baudrillard speculation… and nothing else.And what would my REAL motives have been?)

Xmas, yrs ago. Cab over to P.’s.
Conversation with cab driver – Algerian refugee. Can’t exactly remember now [altho somewhere in my archives is doubtless a note] but it was his brother I think – and mother? – had been killed.
Make a film about that, Hollywood.
(Write something theory smart about that, IP. He: real pain, real trauma. You: passenger in his cab, going to buy your Xmas drugs…)

The Iraqi Interior Minister with a gun, and his partner the Minister for Information. With the sound turned down - the smaller, gunless guy smiling fit to bust – as if this was some kind of put on. The other guy waving his gun also smiling. Some kind of morecambe & wise type scenario here. VERY odd double act indeed.


(‘Shock’ is a gay not gay shock jock performance artist working exclusively “in blow jobs”. ‘Awe’ his cutesy pie Beckett-loving crack whore flat-mate.
Coming up in tonight’s episode: BLOW TO THE HEART...
Laugh as the bombs fall! Gag as Shock teaches Awe (or is it vice versa?) how to give the ‘blow job to beat the band’ using a Kalashnikov as a prop…)

SUN front page dominated by this headline:
Did we? Did we actually see ANYthing?
Well, I didn’t. Not at all.
I was more shocked and awed by those bloody fireworks going off outside tonight.
What this does make you wonder about, though, is the putatively un biased, objective role of our democratic media here.
Nicht war?

posted by Ian 4/23/2003 11:41:00 PM

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