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Kind Hearts & Coronets. CHANNEL4 Friday p.m.
Joan Greenwood as (swoon) Sibella: What is it about certain voices
that inveigles us so? Where others leave us cold?
(And was ‘Sibella’ intended as a deliberate echo of ‘sibilant’?)


He mentioned a picture he had come across in a book on Mexican Art,
found when spring cleaning bookshelves.
A street scene: musicians, waitresses, drinkers, dancers, beaming onlookers;
Trays of food, great barrels & jugs of icy beer; a large musical instrument,
a kind of angular string bass reimagined by a committee of tipsy cubists.
Six people: clapping, whooping it up, passing the beer and trays.
Two people at center, dancing; the man in his Sunday best sombrero, the woman
delicately lifting her white dress above her ankles as she steps to the dance.

And they are all (you saw this coming?) SKELETONS.

The picture is called – delightful title – A Jig in the Beyond.
Where cartoon meets Bataille meets a secret wish we all might call on
a ‘religion’ such as this…
Especially after we die.

[A Jig in the Beyond. Relief engraving on metal, Jose Guadalupe Posada;
in: Mexican Art. From 1500 to the Present Day / Arts Council of GB. 1953]

He said also that it wasn't until he was asleep and dreaming that night he saw
how this simple little engraving somehow better encapsulated the overall spirit
of the lovely and notable new record for M Ward TRANSFIGURATION OF VINCENT than
any long winded and would-be multi-layered review from him ever could: a record
about premature death, suicide, lovelessness and loss which was more full of natural sun, simple affirmation and smiling musical YES than you could measure with a crocodile, a grass skirt and a peanut butter hut* As MWard puts it:
Which, like the music within, is simple but somehow arrests you so you keep pondering it, not unnecessarily or dramatically gnomic, just country simple, a guy on his porch singing about his dead buddy and after all “a record about premature death, suicide, lovelessness and loss” full of sun affirmation and musical humor might well be a proffered definition of The Blues, no?
The temptation normally in reviewing such songs would be to index bury drench them in a sticky catacomb of personal reference & echo… But no.
Not now; or not here.

M. Ward
Transfiguration of Vincent
Release Date: 28 April.
(( *The PILLBOX CORP is under NO blah blah legal indemnity yadda yadda any reader etc etc etc or especially in America de ding de ding de ding foolish enough to take at his word someone who reads Tristan Tzara with his 8:53 am coffee. ))


SEEN LAST NIGHT 12.45…2.45 BBC2 (which, thanks guys, you finally show a class film like this which isn’t also a tired & true REPEAT a film loads of folks would want to see – especially in the wake of recent JACK action - and in fact was the ONLY thing worth watching on an abysmal night’s TV and you put it out at this absurd time – well, there was that TERRIBLY urgent important hour long repeat of I LUV 1991 you had to squeeze in. More CONSPIRACY thoughts on BBC2’s bizarre programming decisions soon. Anyway, back to the mainline…) in
THE CROSSING GUARD [Sean Penn 1995]: in acting roles, Robbie Robertson and David Baerwald. Robertson looked kinda stuffed-shirt, although if you look that good you CAN pretty much sail through things although there must be other people in the world who also adore/venerate his performance in CARNY [Robert Kaylor 1980, and who, pray tell, is Robert Kaylor, and does it make any difference, except to Mrs Kaylor, or is this simply one of those never to be repeated ‘one off’ things?]; but Baerwald was amazing, a natural actor, as they say, with more life in him, and an interesting look,than 98% faces you see on any screen these days [he reminded me a bit of Max Perlich if anyone out there knows who that is altho of course you may not even know who Baerwald is but THAT really is a seperate meditation what do you expect from someone who hasn’t even had a second coffee yet]…

Soundtrack: Jack Nitzsche {RIP}
Dedicated to: BUKWOSKI

And but gosh DARN Anjelica Houston commands attention doesn’t she?
In all ways, in every way, but see also above in re Joan Greenwood, well, yes, Anjelica too, oh my yes, times infinity plus…


Anyone interested in either Slavoj Zizek or just new & different & more
innaresting perspectives on Iraq/USA/democracy, go to:

posted by Ian 4/19/2003 10:37:00 AM

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