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3.49 pm BBC2, Monk:

‘What are you, the Askew Police?’
‘Yes: I’m the Askew Police.’

pillBOX ARCHIVE 5/ii
Document extract:
NOTES made
26-27th MARCH 2003

WED 26

I’ve twice or 3 times turned on TV to hear discussions - quasi victimhood discussions, quasi poor me poor us discussions - about: 'Is there too much coverage / how much coverage should we watch / do we watch too much coverage?'
This seems, in all senses, obscene.
[And note, NB, there are no such discussions - although "discussions" is to lend them too much dignity - about 'Do we KNOW too much about the motives for this War...' etc.]

Emptiness is the problem… Sitting around on our fat asses watching "too much…"
The ‘too much’ in each equation an indirect corollary of THE IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT...

THU 27

The whole new sweep in behind-the-bush policy. . .it’s institutional: these CIA type guys – they get used to being off to the side with massive budgets, and all evidence (and it is evidence, not conspircy conjecture or speculation) gives impression that since Cuba onwards they have been operating in a distinctly Ellroy-X files-shadow government way.
If you SAY such things you are branded a conspiracy theory loon. But there is a difference between claiming the royal family are lizards who run the drug trade, say - and the FACT of Col North or ALL of the Bush administration having oil portfolios...

These things don’t fall from the sky. There are coalitions. Here – the name to note is Pat Robertson. Big pal of the BUSHes. And lest this start to sound like aimless conspiracy mongering … there is the role PR [!] has played in the Israel ANTI peace process.

NOTE: I’m saying Pat Robertson here, not some shadowy Zionist cabal. . .which doesn’t exist because – let's get this straight once and for all – IT DOESN’T NEED TO EXIST. No conspiracies need to exist any more. Everything is – obscenely – right out in the open if you just stay awake long enough to see it drift past your snozz. . .

I’d have to go back and research for the full story; but, briefly, here’s the outline of PR’s intervention / coalition with hard right wing activists in Israel:

There was a pivotal moment, last year, progress to be made between Israel/Palestine. But literally OVERNIGHT PRobertson got together a coalition of churches and religious channels and U.S.fundamentalists and bombarded the WHITE HOUSE by fax/e mail … threatening all sorts of backlash and withdrawal of funds/support etc. ALL couched in fundamentalist apocalyptic terms. The next day… the Bush administration went the other way. Colin Powell was supposed to be in Israel the next day to ease things forward – show a friendly encouraging nod – etc. But for Some Mysterious Reason he went on a strange detour all over the shop and arrived, conveniently, only arrived JUST AFTER it would have done any good.
I’m not putting any untoward spin on this: this is only what happened. ‘Conspiracy’ does exist. At that macro and this micro level. "They" don't even bother to hide it any more. Like Israel's 'accidental" fatal potshots, it's right out there on the evening News. . .just maintain vigilance.

Or how about this?

Texas. The present day. Someone phones the police and files a completely groundless made-up and deliberately malicious report that there is A Man with a Gun in the flats where he lives. He’s actually out to get his gay neighbour.
So the police burst in on these two CONSENTING gay guys having sex IN THEIR OWN HOME.
These two ADULT CONSENTING men are handcuffed lead away locked up and fined $2000 each.
More: they are now on a SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER. (“Sodomy” so called – which, unbelievably, also includes oral sex – is illegal only for gay men in the state.)
(Which was PROBABLY good news for DUBYA in his howcum-nevermore-mentioned cokesnort & Wild Turkey drip dayz. . .eh? eh?)
So: where is the CRIME here?
Answer: there isn't one, this is nothing but religious persecution. Fundamentalist hysteria.
So: you might well ask what is the difference – or what is the degree of difference – between a “repressive” intolerant Islamic state… and Texas?

Last night's Correspondent documentary. John Sweeney.

Great on background to Iraq. First time lately I’ve seen it explained why the US halted at the gates last time. And much more.
Prog was broadly ‘pro’ intervention at the very least – so, nothing controversial. Unless you count some FACTUAL reporting at the end about how OIL and political deals are already being carved up behind closed doors.
So: the odd thing.
It was put out at 11.50. Worse, the residual Newsnight audience, which surely would have been interested in this, and given the programme at least a CHANCE of an audience… may well have missed it.
And I have NEVER EVER not ONCE ever before seen this done by the BBC. They broke up a play about Rehab and put most of it on before Newsnight – and then Part Two (although, in fact, it was only about 20 mins worth) was sandwiched between Newsnight and Sweeney's documentary … which not only screwed up the dramatic arc of the play, but marooned Sweeney's excellent documentary after midnight.
And why?
The programme BEFORE the Rehab play – a full useless hour of it – was a REPEAT of an XMAS themed DIY programme. (With that prat Llewyn Bowen and his Irish mate clowning around oh BIG yoks hardee har har HAR.) And for want of this the schedule was wrecked? And two brilliant programmes ruined/en-crypted?

And this is the SECOND time this has happened in a fortnight.
The Sunday night Correspondent about ISRAEL’s nuclear programme - another BRILLIANT – but maybe you might say touchy – documentary, was shifted from its teatime Sunday afternoon slot – where it would have got a chance at a decent audience – to another post Newsnight crypt. In its place? A repeat about bell ringing or something. Really.
The Israel doc was a brilliant piece of journalism, exactly the sort of thing the BBC does best and SHOULD DO MORE OF… and which surely more than anything at a time like this surely fulfils its, the BBC’s remit. . .
FAR MORE than largely pointless 24-hr onsite ‘reporting’. Which was just the reason for the unforseen shift of this great doc - the nothing-to-say on-site Iraq reporting 'over ran' by FIFTEEN minutes. Duh.
It is standard when 'live' snooker is on to simply run things slightly late throughout the night. So why was that not done here? [Is snooker really more urgent than a War?]
There seems to be a pattern here - where pointless on site reporting is placed before anything which might not even 'prejudice' but merely EXPLAIN why "we" are there. . . EXCEPT, you can't do that without raising all kinds of uncomfortable Qs about the U.S.-Israel relationship . . .

Even The Simpsons last night had more courage!
Episode in which vrs American treasures inc. The Constitution have been bought up & taken over by the Omnicall mobile phone company. Lisa inevitably raises a lone voice of protest. Omnicall's blithe CJ Craig like spokeswoman explains that it benefits everyone in the equation:. . .
". . .so that the Government can spend its money on useful things like… [she ennumerates various banal examples] ". . .and Israel."
WO-AH! Protest lives!
Just not on the BBC.

·Gary Younge in Guardian. ‘McCarthy’s Ghost.’
Blood curdling. Could QUOTE IN FULL.

·Also: details about Labour Party resignations because of illegal status of war.
[I have a feeling this ’illegal status’ question will disperse like chalk dust on a windy afternoon. … still. Keep it in view.]

·Another friendly fire incident. 37 U.S. injured by own troops [and 2 vehicles destroyed] after a "'surprise' Iraqi attack."
How can any attack be a 'surprise' in War, huh?

·TV ad. BBC1, The Murder Game:

“Suspect everyone.
Trust no one.”

posted by Ian 5/10/2003 03:55:00 PM

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