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8.29 am
Is there anywhere better than where I am right now?

The early morning Garden in nascent sun shadow fingers shade. . .

I'm not a celebrity: let me be here this way for ever.


"The Assassins established a revolutionary Shi'ite "state" which consisted not of a single land ruled by a king but a network of autonomous castles and mountain strongholds, seperated by thousands of miles; defended not by armies but by fedayeen terrorists, by bribery and secret propaganda; it was dedicated to science and learning, and ruled by a hierarchy based on spiritual attainment [. . .]

In updating the Alamut revolution we might also try to imagine a workable contemporary version of the Alamut-concept itself [. . .]

Above all the latter-day devotee of Alamut might feel almost an obligation (if a free spirit may admit of any duty whatsoever) to experience joy, and not postpone it to an afterlife or some utopian future. In this imperative lies the need of doing justice to oneself, for those who cheat themselves can scarcely expect to know how to deal fairly (i.e., beautifully) with others. Here again the esotericist is capable of imagining an ethics much more demanding than any moral or civil law, precisely because it is based on expansion of self to include others rather than denial of self, resentment, and hopeless longing [. . .]

To liberate everyday life, to seize back our own history from the society of the Spectacle - the Empire of Lies - this project begins with the individual and spirals outward in love to embrace others. From the ruins of Alamut, the Anti-Caliph creates a catastrophic archaeology of desire - and out of this, our insurrection creates itself."


[pp 73-75 'Social Justice', frm
SACRED DRIFT Essays on the Margins of Islam
[City Lights Books, 1993]




posted by Ian 5/06/2003 09:24:00 AM

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