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EDITOR’s HEAD @ 8.58

THE Pill Box has the suppport of the Right!

Well, we have received one letter of support from one neo-Conservative thinker in Manhattan which, I grant you, isn't quite the same. (More, hopefully, from our neo-Con correspondent soon. And when I say I’m fascinated how you get from Deleuze/Foucault to Richard Perle and Don Rumsfeld I’m not being snide. Far from it. It excites me! I am not against IDEAS per se, most ideas have some kernels of good sense; it’s how they’re applied, and, more crucially, WHO is doing the applying, and in the name of what.

Let’s not forget that
i) as far as Deleuze&Guattari go, the whole wind beneath Anti-Oedipus was a looking to pragmatic America, away from stuffy Freud-obsessed Europe; and
ii) has anyone noticed the neo-Con strain in South Park? As it’s got more subversive and "political", C4 seem to have moved it further and further out beyond the moon, marooned amongst other dross – other Cartoon dross, as if that was the defining point. But any youngster who watches South Park won’t just learn Mr Poo’s Poo Song, or about the dangers of Underpant Gnomes, but also about political correctness gone illogical, state interference, mob hysteria, hypocrisy over privacy legislation, hypocrisy over NO LOGO no-brainer choices. . .etc.


Seen Saturday on - where else? - C4 while surfing:
· a load of f*ckwit presenters and the usual media whores trollops & tarts, criticisng a Ms Jade Goody for… well, for doing exactly what they have done, really, only being more blasé and upfront and less mannered about it.
The Pill Box sez: Go, girl! Work that 15 minutes! Class War can take many strange forms. . .

And can we stop calling these people ‘presenters’ (David Attenborough is a presenter) and call them what they truly are: bland-faced parasitical Silverfish on the sinking hull-arse of ducking stool TV. They are the skid marks on the po mo post-erior of…

Talking of which: seen Friday night, 9.30-10.00 pm BBC1, with my heart racing, it must be said: Charlotte Church - who seems to have grown up a lot in a short space of time, showing that News quiz “presenting” is not some arcane skill which only ugly boil festooned middle aged Smug Gits in shiny Hugo Boss can do for huge barrowfuls of cash.

Beautiful crazy, funny young . . .

At this point our beloved PillBox demagogue was carried away to the Tikrit Rest Home for Neo-Classical Tyrants; and so

Today's This Morning with Gilles & Felix is “presented” by Shell Dockley of ITV’s “Bad Girls” fame!

Enter Shell, astride a big bendy pink howitzer:. . .
“..and I don’t like knobbin’ YOGHURT. Not for breakfast not for dinner and not for THRUSH. Got it, lava-lamp tits!?”

[Weak hysterical voice echoing as from a distance: "..Charlotte, Charlotte honey, you’re too good for him: he tried to sell your private… not a RAPPER! Please, Char, gorgeousness, anything but a crap wigga rapper… even a neo-Con…”]

Enter Jay ‘Rocky’ Garner

“Hi! I’m Jay Garner. And I want you to know we won’t be changing your Pill Box one bit. Why, I told Mr Rumsfeld, I said, Don, I said, Donster baby – you know, that’s what we call’im, the Donster, why, it’s jes’ like a hot episode of Laugh In where we work, I tellya! Any-hoo, we just need to introduce a few measures – to wit, cat registration, cat herding, cat curfew, special cat re-education camps – you know, I don’t know if you felllas has had any dealings with cats, but these furry-headed... Uh, these lovely people, well, they say one thing and just plain go and do another, and maybe their religion so-called DOES provide for that sort of higgledy piggledy upside-down god-damn …uh… ah… And baby won’t get no television if he don’t eat his fish heads-“

ENTER FAR BIGGER MAN in approx $100,00 worth of military hardware.

“Hi! Jay’s been taken poorly [sound from distance: "THWACK! AAAAAaaaaaaaa…"] so from now on both Happy Trails Television Inc. and the daily stewardship of the Pill Box’s Opinion Wells will fall under the pay-per-view of me. [Mutters: 'Hi!' my great godmothers ass.] My name is Colonel Doggo ‘Kill All Cats’ McDogface, and I’m here to reassure you that no cats were harmed during the bombing of -…get ON yer knees boy and LOVE that American way of death. Uh, sorry, just went back to Nam for a second there [STOMPS OFF, muttering…] – say one thing for them Gooks, knew the best place for a juicy goddamn cat anyway…”

Distant glint . . .:
High on a mountain top (in more ways than one), Joe The Dead breathes in, squeezes his trigger finger and -

posted by Ian 5/12/2003 01:14:00 PM

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