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Mid morning shop.
WAITROSE check out.

I am absent-mindedly singing (or perhaps “singing”) Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood to myself, sotto voce (or so I thought).

Lovely Sahara Colored Checkout Girl to I.P.: ‘Oooh. Someone’s happy today!’
(She obviously doesn’t get many customers who sing, or who sing blues of pleading self pity and morbid ontological queasiness.)

Me to Lovely Sahara Colored Checkout Girl: ‘Uh… I’ve been writing a piece. About a singer. Who just died. And her songs are all spinning round my head. Nina Simone: do you know her?’

Lovely Sahara Colored Checkout Girl: “No. . .”

Further work/research today on the Nina Simone obit, and a wonderful surprise, with a hint of that old Pill Box synchronicity:
I didn’t know that the ‘Simone’ part of her stage name was taken from Simone Signoret.
Wow. Now that IS cool. Admire her more than ever.
(The Nina was hijacked from an endearment used by a boyfriend: nina being Spanish for ‘little girl’.)


DIVA-dom a la n.Simone – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free.”
DIVA-dom a la j.Lo – Diptyque candles.

(Worse: the audience seems to prefer this, to empathize . . . )


j.Lo’s artist rider for a CHARITY appearance: it would feed/clothe a small South American country. There comes a point when mere ‘irony’ just won’t do.

One depressing aspect of my Nina research:
Research the life & friends & influences of Miss SIMONE and you get: the Last Poets, Langston Hughes, Jimmy Baldwin, Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael, Angela Davis, and so, gloriously, on…

Whereas today it’s as likely to be – who? Donald Trump? Ivana Trump? Some porn baron? Some Russian gangster? Arnold (The New Face of Humvee) Schwarzenneger?
That 60s culture was politically ‘correct’ but NEVER also some po-faced bowlderisation of tru life’s impure pleasures and mad dreams.


Channel4 documentary on la Lopez tonght.

Great moment when not one of the interviewees - friends, stylists, ex husbands, ex friends, experts, hip mag editors - not one, could remember a ONE single solitary j.Lo song. “Wow. I have all of her records and … I have a real hard time remembering any of them! [Subject breaks down into giggles].”

Branding guru on j.Lo’s rise to multi-media omnipotence:
“It was a ‘top down’ marketing plan…”
I would have thought the phrase here was BOTTOM UP, n’est pas?


TOTP2, 18.23 pm, BBC2.
God, but Madonna was sexy in 1984.
So … is she like, still going and stuff?


On sale in WAITROSE right now:
BURRO OCCELLI {DI PANNA FRESCA con calco della mucca}
In my humble opinion, probably the best butter in the world; not to mention the wrapper alone deserves some kind of ARCADES PROJECT type entry in itself ...

posted by Ian 5/01/2003 12:42:00 AM

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