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24th MARCH 2003

Last night: BBC2 documentary [the estimable Charles Wheeler] about MILITARY influence in & covert penetration of US SCHOOLS.

U.S. Schools: new LAWS which mean that schools will have FURTHER cuts exacted upon them if they do not feature military education and careers propoganda.

In the documentary. this Military Guy sent to talk to the Chicago kids, said:
'...it's just another career like judge or doctor or etc...'
But do these schools in poor part of Chicago feature visits by judges or doctors or etc? I somehow doubt it. Reap the ghetto for more combat bodies.

In the documentary, this Military Guy said [boastfully, smugly, twice]:
"I served X years in Vietnam and not a scratch!"
Very odd choice of example. Is Vietnam being subtly re-appropriated?

The second time he said it, Military Guy said:
'I served X years in Vietnam and not a scratch! Whereas my friend - shot in the leg on South street here. . .'

Which is an even ODDER example, if you try and unpick unparse its inner logic. Like: meaning what exactly? These kids, & in sum all poor American citizens would be far SAFER living in some crypto Commie Third World country than their own hometown streets?! What - American democracy is. . .dangerously flawed & contradictory & unstable?

The 'conspiracy' view might be that:
due to CUTS [money already diverted to the MILITARY and the mythical "war" on drugs and building more prisons: and this is not conspiracy this is verifiable FACT] the spending on education has been slashed and cut and cut again.
So that local community schools have declined and been allowed [?] to ... so that the only safe/sane option for still concerned [i.e., non crack addicted] parents is to sell their kids into the military option.

In the documentary... this young black girl joins the National Guard thinking it's just a way to get an easier ticket into college... which, for a young black girl we're given to understand, is an increasingly unlikely prospect, right - . . . only to find out it's ALSO a ticket to BAGHDAD . . . National Guard already out there...

And there was a strange moment when. . .

SCENE: school that has gone over to MILITARY curriculum ... marching young US soldiers, flags, dawn's early light, wheezy brass band, slogans, PLEDGING allegiance. . .

And then but this thought swam up, and you [or I] thought:
U.S. is far nearer in essence to some theocratic Muslim state than they are to 'us'.

A story in Media Guardian: about how the US press has - there is no other word - capitulated to the Bush Version. Is asking no questions. In an atmosphere in which ASKING Qs is considered something very like an act of treason. You simply have to BELIEVE the crusade. Belief is the subtance and essence of the US - as it is w/ Islam.

Is there a name for this?
With the press as mere mullahs, parroting the govt line, owned by corporations, hawkish, cowed...
Actually, there is a name, I found it in MARX: . . .FIDE-ISM.

FIDE-ISM / (from the Latin, fides : 'faith')
Doctrine which replaces understanding by faith and stresses the determining role it plays.

And look at this cornball sick-making new Finanical Times Magazine cover: grainy b/w 'serious bizness' photo of BLAIR... and headline:

And isn't this in the end all BLAIR had recourse to? That infamous speech in the Commons, which was all 'I BELIEVE (. . .for every cluster bomb that falls... a flower grows... in the heart of a young Iraqi child... )'

They want us - these two God botherers, Bush & Blair, to STOP THINKING - that pesky stuff thought - and just BELIEVE.

They want us to believe that taking charge in the Middle East has NOTHING to do with shoring up Israel, pre 'road map' changes. . .

And they want us to believe that the Israeli army - who, I have no trouble with believing this, is one of the best and most highly trained and highly disciplined armies in the entire world - well heck, they just keep letting these accidental crazy pot shots stray into crowds of women, children, peace protestors, news cameramen & other bystanders...
Yeah: RIGHT.

What kinda GRIFT you god-damn sky pilots think us Johnsons gonna stand still for?

Reverse all the poles. . .


Imagine a MUSLIM country...which has a Hollywood which spends X billion on just passing trivial movies, bits of fluff, but bits of fluff which are THROUGH AND THROUGH propagandistic ... full of GUNPLAY and GOOD GUYS VS BAD GUYS and siege mentality but in which you, your country, your 'values' impossibly, always win . . .

How would we feel if we were being bombarded with such films/culture day in day out, along with attendant publicity. . . which is a polite way of saying NO ESCAPE (there being Hollywood PRs who make the American military look like sulking choreographers at a Judy Garland convention...]

... and you begin to think that the YOU-S in its creepy unspoken DON'T FUCKING PROTEST HERE PINKO essence is increasingly nearer a kind of totalitarian or fundamentalist state... and make no mistake they ARE FUNDAMENTALIST these people. . .

Look at BUSH's record on the DEATH SENTENCE.
Poor black people - the I.Q. challenged - poor white people without legal funds... that case recently where a mentally disturbed disadvantaged guy {probably BEATEN as a KID} was to be administered the due prozac-like mindfuck chemical ... SO THAT HE COULD THEN BE EXECUTED.

·Poor INNOCENT people going to the gallows (to satisfy a perverted Christian fundamentalist Governor's set-up) because they don't have the money to get the legal recourse that would introduce DNA evidence and get them off. . .

·MONEY taken out of SCHOOLS and HEALTH to pump into building more prisons and more ARMS PROGRAMMES . . .

·The BUSH ADMINISTRATION's record on the Environment.

·GUNS out of control. Snipers. Unabombers. Poisons from CIA labs being sent out in envelopes to Senators.. .

·The BUSH election "victory". . .
REminder: BUSH came to power after a DISPUTED Florida count involving just 170,000 UNREADABLE BALLOT PAPERS in his BROTHER's OWN STATE!

All in all, then, THINGS going on in AMERICA which if they happened in a country like IRAQ they WOULD be used as evidence of fundamental instability ...

Transplant even one or two of these to an IRAQ or North Korea or LIBYA or CUBA and imagine the meal the State-sponsored acquiescent US Media would make of them...

In general then the U.S. parrots MORAL SUPERIORITY whilst:

·Failed to sign a treaty banning landmines because "US personel might be compromised in their use..."
·Refused to ratify treaty to set up International Criminal Court because U.S. believes it would place its citizens at unusual risk of prosecution ... [well, YEAH.]

And, from the first months of BUSH administration - first MONTHS, mark you - the You-S:

· Opted out of the Kyoto agreement to limit carbon emissions
· Opted out of the Anti Ballistic Missiles treaty
· In 2002, plans to provide the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention with inspection powers were blocked by the BUSH administration - [which given the pretext for going to war on Iraq seems a bit rich. . .]
· The US has manipulated the World Trade Organisation to commit to a General Agreement on Trade in Service that will facilitate a global market in PRIVATE health care. Welfare, pensions, education and water, supplied - naturally - by US companies, and which will undermine political support for universal access to social services in developing countries. Nice.

"BUSH [seems] to be a man so untroubled by his actions that he was in bed and asleep 45 minutes after addressing the nation on TV this week..." [Henry Porter, Observer, 23/3/03]

posted by Ian 5/05/2003 05:13:00 PM

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