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Where the PILL BOX leads, the so-called mainstream media eventually follow, pawkidz...

· GUARDIAN Weekend Magazine cover story, Saturday: neo-Conservatives.
· BBC1, PANORAMA, Sunday night: neo-Conservatives.

Expect a TIME magazine cover story or Newsnight report on that time-release brain-death X gas, soon. But just remember where you read about it first. . .


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Enjoy, my little neo-Hip Lib pawcrastinators. . . MORE soon.


Cat Owner of The Week:
Japanese author/translator/jazz fan Haruki Murakami
{author of, inter alia, Norweigian Wood; South of the Border, West of the Sun; The Wind-up Bird Chronicle; Portraits in Jazz 1 and 2.


According to that arbiter of everything o so beau monde, riches worshipping ES magazine, the latest “regulars” of sleazy bohemian drinking den The Colony Room include Dennis Hopper, David Bowie and poseur artiste Sebastian Horsley.

N.B.: all three are confirmed tee-totallers.
What’s that sound? Oh, its Francis Bacon, spinning in his fucking grave!

But just so long as that gritty down-at-heel newshound Simon Mills gets the real-deal story from one of his close media chums - don’t want to dirty yer manicured hands with something like real historical research or journalistic legwork after all, Si, ay?

Viz., his prime source on this story appears to be an Art Director he knows at GQ, a self-admitted “infrequent visitor [to TCR] for the past 15 years…”
{What does that sentence MEAN? what relevance does it CONVEY? an “INFREQUENT” vistor for FIFTEEN years…’ what’s the significance of the FIFTEEN here exactly? If he’d been a regular for 15 years that I could understand}
But this paste-up luvvy does cut right to the low-life Screaming Pope heart of things, as you might expect: “I get a little frisson of excitement every time I go there.” No kultur SLUMMING going on here AT ALL, obviously. “I love the way the interior is completely untouched by any kind of design concept.”

Unlike your brain, mate, which is completely untouched by anything else, presumably.

But just so long as ES name-drops the RIGHT rich people, that’s what matters. It’s hard to believe, but there was a time – and not that long ago – when there was OK and even quite hard-edged stuff in ES. (And a great column – one of the only columns in the last, um, 15 years that I actually looked forward to reading – from onetime Can lyricist Duncan Fallowell.) That’s before it narrowed down the competition it has in its head to Tatler and Harpers&Queen, and its sole readership to people who care where the rich people go and what the rich people do.

I’m sure that young nurses say, who’re getting a tube home from a straight 57-hour shift, will go to sleep just a wee bit more at peace with this rag 'n' bone shop world knowing where to go in Notting Hill if you’ve got a w-hole lot of do-nothing know-nothing time to fill and a trust fund to burn; or having checked out the photo caption which reads ‘PAUSE FOR REFLECTION’ and itemises presumably NOT Workers Revolutionary Party stalwart Joely Richardson’s £9,873 tunic, her £1,310 leather trousers, her £6,400 amethyst ring and her £450 shoes. Yeah.
{Other stop the press front-page subjects this week: wedding “etiquette” and some rich kid who's oh boo HOO become a “social pariah”. Here's a hint, ES: you're ALL "social pariahs" to most of us out here, capiche?}

I mean: am I some grumpy flakey old anachronistic Spart – tell me! - or does anyone else think something like this (and it’s just the tip, believe me) is OBSCENE in a non elite/trade directed MONOPOLY holding publication?

posted by Ian 5/20/2003 12:08:00 PM

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