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MARX BORN, 5th MAY 1818

“Our election cry must be: Reform of consciousness not through dogmas, but through the analysis of mystical consciousness that is unclear to itself, whether it appears in a religious or a political form. Then people will see that the world has long possessed the dream of a thing – and that it only needs to possess the consciousness of this thing in order really to possess it.”
Karl Marx, Der historische Materialismus: Die Fruhschriften, vol. 1, pp. 226-227 (letter from Marx to Ruge, September 1843);
quoted by BENJAMIN in The Arcades Project

An important passage in Marx: “It is recognized that where … the epic, for example, … is concerned, … certain significant creations within the compass of art are possible only at an early stage of artistic development. If this is the case with regard to different branches of art within the sphere of the arts, it is not so remarkable that this should also be the case with regard to the whole artistic realm and its relation to the general development of the society.”
Cited in Max Raphael, Proudhon, Marx, Picasso [1933];
quoted by BENJAMIN in The Arcades Project

DISCUSS, with reference to either
a) never-to-be-topped early work (Patti Smith, Roxy Music, Van Morrison et al); and/or
b) rock music in general


Seen while channel surfing Fri or Sat night on this or that channel or maybe on all of them: a grim faced harridan – claiming to be MADONNA! – saying:
‘What the song is saying is that MATERIAL things DON'T bring happiness.’

Don’t you just HATE that?
Don’t you just want to SLAP them, zillionaires, when they say things like that?

Especially when they say it as PART OF a precision-controlled multi-media campaign to sell as many copies of their desperate new opus to as many slack-jawed consumers as possible to keep up their totally, like, materially beyond existence?

The whiff of desperation here. . . and, judging by the unlistenable clip of current Sadonnamusick – whose relationship to the words ‘tune’ and ‘song’ brought to mind Detective Lennie Briscoe’s remark to two FBI agents in the fantastic Law & Order/Homicide: Life On The Street double on Channel 5: “You guys couldn’t track a wounded elephant through the snow” - she’s got a lot to be grim faced about.

I mean, she used to be FUN.
There used to be sparks: even if you didn’t ‘like’ her, per se, you couldn’t deny the sparks.

Remember that website that used to determine when a sitcom had had its day by some fishy watermark? Well, funny spunky sparky DIVAS have had their bloody day with me when they start peddling WHINEY MILLIONAIRE BLUES raps. Capiche, cuteypie?

And you don’t look half as good as Simone Signoret in that beret.


"Just because it's a holiday. And in protest I want to die of humiliation.
I want them to find me dead with my penis sticking out, my trousers
spotted with white sperm, among the millet plants covered with
blood-red liquid. I am convinced that also the last acts, to which
I alone, the actor, am witness, in a river that no one comes to
- will, eventually, acquire a meaning."
Pier Paolo Pasolini Bestia da stile/Stylish Beast

"... out of grief, or neurosis, or a holiday afternoon's boredom
- at last a man has come who has made good use of death."
Pier Paolo Pasolini Orgia/Orgy

a tape for may 1, 5 & 9

a song for you / gram parsons
elvis presley blues / gillian welch
waiting around to die / townes van zandt
trying to find a home / tindersticks
taste of blood / mazzy star
resemblances / arto lindsay
girl with a crooked eye / r.o.c.
the future / leonard cohen
one world / john martyn
who’ll fall? / coil
amethyst deceivers / coil
take care / big star

posted by Ian 5/05/2003 01:39:00 AM

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