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This is how you disappear ...

No, citizens, The Pill Box isn't finished; only suspended, like analysands in Paris during the month of August / the time of Thermidor ...

On the urgent medical advice of Dr Nietzsche and Mrs Nissan: I've been out walking. Hills, mounds, parks, gardens, rivers, churchs, tracks & trails ... and talking ... drinks, parties, old friends, new neighbours, babies, gardens ... life, as such.

It's too hot to think, and my hay-fever has kicked in: so even if I was "here", all you'd be getting, mainly, would be endless quotations from my current reading: Ian Hamilton Finlay, Rousseau, Saint-Just, Robespierre, Kojeve, Hegel, and -

This vicious circle is but the first in a series in which the mind that studies itself gets lost in a giddy whirling. The very simplicity of these paradoxes makes them irreducible. Whatever may be the plays on words and the acrobatics of logic, to understand is above all to unify. The mind's deepest desire, even in its most elaborate operations, parallels man's unconscious feelings in the face of the universe: It is an insistence upon familiarity, an appetite for clarity.
- Camus.

When we properly & fully return [23rd June / 5 Messidor, probably], things may have changed a bit; but more of that anon.
And especial apologies to our Argentinian Friend, whose Election communique finally arrived, literally as I took my first steps outside the Bunker for ... well, too too long ... to retrace Betjeman's steps, to sing Rousseau's hymn sheet, to listen to the curlews in the lowering curfew of twilight, to make pilgrimage to Cookham, to track down Ian Hamilton Finlay's disturbing wit on the (!) outskirts of (!!) Luton ... and I'm off again now, in the rain, towards Weymouth, copy of Julian Cope's The Modern Antiquarian in my sticky paw ....

BUT first -

"O BEhave!"
Being Some Words On The Honouring of Jamie Oliver MBE & Jools Holland OBE ...

scum BEquest
some BErks
quite BEserk
my BEhind
BEnch mark
BE spatter
and BEsmirch
BEneath contempt
point BEwilders
un BElievable
BEggars jerk-off
dadrock BEhemoth
b-woogie BEdlam
her musty BEnevolence
mere BEll boys
BEte noire
beyond BElief
r.i.p. BEbop
r.i.p. BEckett
r.i.p. BEnjamin
r.i.p. BEauty, for
i am BEggared
i am BEmused
i am BEaten


posted by Ian 6/17/2003 11:43:00 AM

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