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Best MONK line of the week:

"BI-lingual sons of bitches!"


Then another amazing antithesis took place. Hegel fell in love.

By now Hegel was forty years old and a confirmed bachelor (apart from one unfortunate lapse). Years of unremitting study had taken their toll. His sullen pasty face was prematurely aged, he had lank receding hair, and the portraits catch a distinct shiftiness in his eyes. [...] Georg Wilhelm Hegel appears to have had no charisma, even in the eyes of his most ardent disciples. The girl he fell in love with, Marie von Tucher, came from a respectable old Nuremberg family was just eighteen years old.

[...] Hegel wrote her lumbering poems in which he painstakingly analysed the dialectical nature of love.

{frm The Essential Hegel ยท Paul Strathern

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posted by Ian 5/31/2003 05:50:00 PM

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