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frm GUARDIAN 30/5/03:

Cooper, however, is packing everything into her next book, the synopsis of which alone made her "cry and cry".

"My new book has got paedophilia, September 11 and lots of black people in it. I'm moving on, we've got to progress."

In re: the current debate ricocheting between k-punk and blissout {v roughly: between cyberdelic mind expansiveness & a step back into a more coolly surveyed Real}, I seem to recall, from somewhere in the dim & dusty recesses of my NME days using a quote {from Foucault, I think} which kicked off:

"Must we choose between these two ways of enduring oppression badly...?"

I'd like to address this whole thing properly {it all, ultimately goes back to 9/11); but in the mean time, can I just urge everyone to purchase and read THEATER OF WAR by Lewis Lapham? It's fascinating (and well written) - not least because Lapham is, by birth, a member of the USA's Old Money Establishment; editor of Harper's Magazine, and habituee of hi-Power circles; but he's also stringently, intelligently AGAINST the whole post-9/11 Ra Ra Rally Round The Flag zeitgeist. . .

". . .in the aftermath of even so spectacular a calamity as the one visited upon New York and Washington on the morning of September 11, the majority of the television voices continued to say that what they had seen was "unbelievable". But why unbelievable? Do the merchants of the global economy not read their own sales promotions? For the last ten years the apostles of technological change have been telling the customers about the ways in which the new systems of communication confer the godlike powers of government and the freedom of nation-states upon solitary individuals seated in front of a computer in San Jose. The commercial imagery depicts a Mongolian yak herder talking on a cell phone to a fisherman in Tahiti; the ad copy reads: "We're all inter-connected," or "Invent your own world." Do we suppose that the message doesn't transalte into Urdu, that only graduates of Harvard understand the wonders of globalization (among them techniques of money-laundering and electronic encryption), or that the uses of the Internet remain beyond the grasp of Arab street people last seen as background noise in The English Patient?"
{Lewis Lapham, Drums Along The Potomac
frm Theater of War [The New Press 2002]

More quotes from this over the next few days; but already there in the mention of the Internet and computer technology we can see how the "worlds" of The Matrix and "real" social turbulence aren't necessarily 'worlds apart', either in Theory or practice...

In re the dangers of the possible imminent relaxation of US media ownership laws [Pill Box, passim], this, from yesterday's Guardian (and I don't know about you, but I was STARTLED by the first part of this, had no idea this was the case):

"The federal communications commission, RUN BY MICHAEL POWELL, SON OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE COLIN POWELL -" say WHAT!!?? "- is expected to approve sweeping changes to the existing rules [... which] would make it easier for a single company to own more TV stations and to hold the largest newspapers and broadcasters in the same market."

Something else I didn't know, at least not from watching the TV News, was that in the PAST WEEK, FIVE US soldiers have been killed, 13 injured and one HELICOPTER brought down by what the military are calling "organised military resistance" in parts of Iraq.
Lieutenant-General David McKiernan, the commander of ground forces in Iraq said the fighters had "some local cohesion".


According to the Ministry of Defence, the Royal Artillery fired more than 2,000 cluster munitions around Basra, while at least 66 BL755 cluster bombs were dropped by RAF planes.
The MOD says the ISRAELI MADE L20 cluster bombs -...


Paul Wolfowitz [the hawkish deputy US defence secretary] told Vanity Fair magazine that the decision to highlight weapons of mass destruction as the main reason for invading Iraq was taken for "bureaucratic" reasons, indicating that Washington did not take the threat seriously.

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posted by Ian 5/31/2003 04:27:00 PM

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