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Interesting: there seems to be something of a M-mm-uh [I'll have to go and check how you spell his name: there are certain Major Cultural Phenomena that simply passed me by COMPLETELY and e.g. STAR WARS and The Smiths/M---y are two of them] of a MORRISSEY revival or reassessment on-going at the moment.

This is NOT that interesting [like: who cares?]; what IS interesting is that it's got NOTHING to do with him bringing out new [or should that be "new"] Morrissey music. It's Morrissey as 'celebrity' or persona that is being celebrated here: a TV documentary, a look at his El Lay home, a new book and Morrissey's Compilation cd of his own secret listening tastes. (Diana Dors, New York Dolls, Patti Smith et al). The subtext [if one can dignify it that far] here seems to be: he may make the most boring & retro music in the world, still, but at least he's a REAL PERSONALITY - as opposed to all this artifical pop and indistinguishably homogenous "Urban" muzik. . .
So o he's being co-opted by all the fanboy NME-stylee hacks in the Stripes vs So Solid wars (and I say again: Must we choose between these two ways of enduring oppression badly...?)

Which surely unaccountably stoopidly ignores the FACT that Morrissey was always and always was and STILL IS one of the most astute, vicious, brutal, prescient media/image MANIPULATORS of all time!

Which, that surely, if anything, constitutes his "legacy"; and not his 'music' [or even his aesthetic taste]: for where on earth are the signs of those, today?

Not on POPWORLD or T4, this morning, that's for sure.
But the little ambi-sexual media-savvy children of his weedy, funny, semi-ironic, ambiguously camp and obsessively STAGED Englishness are surely everywhere.

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Also on POPWORLD this morning:

Lisa Mafia video: THE IMAGINARY [OF] BLING: consumer-porno: close ups of JEWELLRY; people dancing with unopened bottles of champagne, cigars, etc.

THE REAL: So Solid Crew/their label ... have just gone bankrupt.

(The wider Real: an unbelievably steep rise in reported cases of STDs in teenagers; illiteracy; gang rape; gun worship.)

But I liked the record.

posted by Ian 6/01/2003 04:38:00 PM

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