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{all 2 flickeringly brief, but ain't that always the way?

"A Fire in the Forest" by David Sylvian: the most sheerly quietly awesomely beautiful Song I have heard for a long time.
But why is it so brief? Why does it end too soon? Why is it not 9, 10. 11, 13 minutes long?

J.G. x infinity

Did I read this or just dream it: Jean Luc Godard, currently in Sarajevo, filming a version of Juan Goytisolo's State of Siege {with a walk on walk off cameo from Goytisolo himself as the book's spectral now you read him now you don't "J.G."... which, if his cruisey cameo in a BBC2 documentary a while back is anything to go by, he's a screen natural...}

Isn't it the case that with figures like Godard and Philip K Dick and others, the mere fact of their being alive and working and ornery and different and sending out aspirational beams, it's as important as who reads or views them and how much ...?


And, for those of you who like this sort of thing: coming in September: a new LESTER BANGS compilation.

Mainlines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste
A Lester Bangs Reader
edtd by John Morthland
[Serpents Tail £9.99 Sept.]

Includes his pieces on Miles, Beefheart, Eno and extracts from a previously unpublished autobiographical novel DRUG PUNK.

on trying to like matmos...

... but but but i have exactly the same relational problem i do w/their current employer bjork .........
......... i SO want to love bjork i really do i approve of her 3000 per cent and i love what she is and what she does and i'm so glad she's out there being a polar example and explorer and X-ample but no matter what she does i always feel left COLD and i have no doubt this is my problem not her's but even so it's enduringly odd .........
......... OK i'll correct this a byte there was ONE track on her universally acclaimed vespertine {wasn't it wire album of the year?} that made me squirm & cry & sigh & sonically come {the one that goes "who would have thought that a girl like me ..." or was it "- a boy like you ...} which i could lie back & listen to on repeat// time after time after SIGH in a little polymorph cocoon of my own, and for once i STOPPED THINKING and my sinews melted and -*
i never make the leap from THINKing as i listen this is so interesting to LOSING my thinking self in its grain & circuitry & breath & likewise w/ matmos i think to myself: gosh this is nifty & knotty & naughty & interesting; but my interest is prophylactic and it never goes any further & it's like a thin layer of something stops my full enjoyment ::: i really wish it wasnt so becoz if theres one thing i think is the future it's finding a way to resuscitate electronica's dry formalism with//in SONG {cf. some of Coil, some recent Sylvian, and who knowssome as yet still 13 yr old genius who will hopefully grow up to be the next JOHN MARTYN except influenced by i dunno gary numan & kid 606 rather than the rev gary davis and pentangle .........

*}: ((Words come to mind, but they are fuzzy, signifying nothing, more throbbing than meaning, and their stream goes to our breasts, genitals, and irridescent skin.)) ... shudderings of images awakening ... unreal, imaginary, fragmentary ... [a] dispersion that resonates or vibrates dazzlingly - and in clarity clamors but does not clarify. The breaking forth of light, the shattering reverberation of a language to which no hearing can be given ... a CRISIS of enunciation and of the interdependence of its movements an instinctual drive that descends in waves, tearing apart the symbolic ...

{quotes: blanchot bresson kristeva


Dr John, Claudia Roden, Emerson Lake & Palmer: the missing phrase in common?

{Dour-faced red-head: '... and YOU go away with tonight's prize of one pound, 44 p, and a half drunk can of super cider... while over on Channel Four someone's just got six thousand quid off Richard and Judy for calling a spade a thing you "you poke your garden with it, it rhymes with MADE...lee .........

posted by Ian 7/19/2003 11:49:00 AM

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