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7 notebook entry riddle survives writers EXIT

"no. 23 across
is castles in spain"

and all the things that truly swim thru our heads are they doing a backcrawl?

WATERFALL nothing can harm you at all my worries seem so pitiful ...

Great EXIT lines of our Time

frm Nouvelle Vague [Jean-Luc Godard, 1990].
Domiziana Giordano: "What do you do?"
Alain Delon [haggard, middle aged, aimless verging on down & out]: "I inspire derision."

+ the TIME OUT Film Guide's archival last word is: "Stillborn stuff from a former enfant terrible who seems to be suffering from terminal regression, it is vague rather than nouvelle."

terminal regression?
talk to the Law, baby, coz the hand's not listening ...

He: "One of the only wishes I ever entertained was, OH!, to look like the young Alain Delon ... "
She: "I'm more of a Warren Oates girl myself ... "

terminal regression ii}

this is how GOOD OLD DAYS dull & safe & comfortably singalonga GLASTONBURY was: Roisin from Moloko looked comparatively JOHNNY ROTTEN.

{in case anybody cares: the only three moments that actually moved my sluggish blood thru ear neck heart cock: Flaming Lips, Moloko, Arthur Lee; altho I didn't see any footage of either Tricky or nu solo Siobhan Donaghy. More on TRICKY soon, but by what kind of superficial and/or anachronic logic does Tricky come to headline in the "DANCE" Tent?

posted by Ian 7/10/2003 02:12:00 PM

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