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BLAST this new Blogger set up.
Set up is what it is.
When I write I tend to write over the course of a few days, circling round subjects, testing them, teasing them, trying to catch myself out, consulting books, going most of all for MONTAGE of things, thoughts in collision, collusion, stretch, fade, exchange.
I circle back.
I knot and unknot.

I'm NOT gonna log on to Blogger every time I have 74 words I think are OH SO urgent for the world to read, and then lose track of the wider train of thought ... blah blah blah. I prefer to build up a head of steam, develop a linked - poetic - rambling - RESONANT thing, and then post it.

I mean, for one thing, what kind of SADDO would spend ALL DAY linking in and out of Blogger with bits + pieces? I don't know about anyone else, but I just jot things down, fire off untidy spelling mistake raddled screeds on the computer here {while I'm working on other things, or living, or thinking, or reading} and then every now and then round 'em all up and smoooth 'em out a BIT for posting.

I'm fucked if I'm gonna have the tempo of my life and writing and THINKING determined because GOOGLE wants things more nice n tidy and trivial.
Fuck that for a game of bland corporate American say nothing and say it blandly soldiers {and it IS always a game of soldiers, ultimately, isn't it?}.

The last few days I've been concerned mainly with Andy Warhol, for instance, but not in isolation, life isn't like that, well my isn't, and one of the nice things I thought about Blogger AS WAS is that it allowed that sense of an untidy life/mind on show, no hygenic distinction between this and that and the other.

And it's fun. (Or: it was.)

I've also got a long piece by my friend in Agrentina; and a long, messy, insane thing about Tricky, racism, Phillip Larkin and other stuff; but none of this is now going to see the light of day, I don't think, because this new Blogger set up seems set up to exclude such longer ad hoc improvisations.

And I am not going to sit down to write with always at the back of my mind the thought - Oh, I'll have to be CAREFUL and stop soon cos this may be too unwieldy. IT IS MEANT TO BE UNWIELDY. That is its raison d'etre.

So I fear this may be a final log, at least under this domain name.
I've gone to the EXTREME trouble of breaking up the last few day's text into {I hope} postable bits but I'll be fucked if I'm going to operate like that every day.

Now, like I say, I have gone to the GREAT trouble of cutting up the last few days entry into little bits (in a convoluted reverse order re-paste which I REALLY could have done without the tie consuming trouble of doing it, like, I'm not way behind on other things I want to do ... ) but AT THE FIRST fucking pop-up of this hitherto UNSEEN fucking BIG POST ERROR sign I'm just going to quit and that's that.

BLAST unasked for improvements!
BLAST corporate America!
BLAST bureacrats who've probably NEVER WRITTEN A WORD OR POSTED IN THEIR carefully controlled budget run lives!
BLAST the future and BLAST the intrusion into my life and BLAST policy wonks everywhere and BLAST you if you don't BLAST them!

Bye bye.

Be good and if you can't be good be pseudononymous.


posted by Ian 7/03/2003 10:52:00 AM

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