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realMadrid's president, a post Warhol football manager, last week, on the real David Beckham:

George Bush, standup comic, last week, on Iraq:
"We did not choose this war ... "
{huh?? WHAT???!!!}

Turn on any TV set and you'll see BoBo the Clown caricatures of Beckham and Bush.
The 'new' Beckham skit/doll on Bo' Selecta! is, not coincidentally - or am I alone in thinking this? - the only completely flat, NON FUNNY thing in the programme. [ie Beckham in MMouse ears, a spoiled kid, 'I dun a poopoo' etc.] It's so bad and so pointless and so wide of the mark, it could almost be a comment, in itself, on how badly wrong the Media are about Beckham.
I'm sorry - am I missing something here?
I mean, remind me again.
The most powerful man in the world and the richest (and quite possibly happiest rich) young man in the UK.

You think they care that a few refugees from Radio 4 or an ugly guy with a big nose and thinning hair {whose only notable talent seems to be not quite convincingly enough looking like celebs who we couldnt care less about them so why then are you taking SUCH trouble to BE them then Alistair?) or someone who goes out at 11.15 as a minority taste make nyah nyah FUN of them?

{NB: Rory Bremner's Bush - no tittering Missus, please - is a far more ruthless, calculating, nasty piece of work, someone who just bulldozes through things like a Xristian basketball coach determined to get the pennant: someone who knows how to make TACTICAL use of his not especially cerebral or reflective or contemplative or conscience struck mindset . . .}

These are the post-Warhol ubermenschen: once upon a time that would have seemed like an oxymoronic idea, but no longer.

Wow. Gosh. Gee. Into battle.

Class: correlate between the inbuilt structure of implied transcendence in Nietzsche's "over man" and the beyond-criticism unflappability of post WARhol icons like Bush, Beckham and ______________ add one of your own choosing.

Contextualise that unflappability with e.g.s. E.g.:
BUSH///Blair. BECKHAM///Gascoigne

{It pains me to admit this, too, but I may even have to reconsider Jools Holland in this light. Well, if I'm going to obsess, Avid Merrion style, about him, it might as well be productive ...

posted by Ian 7/11/2003 11:03:00 AM

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