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A lot of you have probably already caught up with this witty squib,
but latecomers go to Iraqi Explorer


{NB ยท I tried to post the above - look: one sentence and a web address - yesterday evening but NEW IMPROVED BL*GG*R was having none of it.
One sentence and a web address and I got that 'call waiting' message about you're gonna have to wait b-coz your *LOG is so BIG.

So I suspended activities.

Checked later and it wasn't on the PILL BOX.

Now this morning it is {see BELOW}. Even tho I didn't see it through to completion.

I've even stopped swearing now. People, we're through the looking glass here.

The 'old' Bl*gg*r may have been a bit clunky and slow at times - and you didn't have reassuring technospeak messages telling you the "status" of your post - but it was black and white, on or off, published or not, you KNEW literally where you were with it.

What is the POINT of having technospeak messages telling you the status of your post, if the status is actually elsewhere and otherwise?

I mean - all hail the glitch and everything, but I can't see that this is in any way exploitable or explorable or anything but a huge gigantic pain in the eye. . . .

{A PB correspondent tells me AOL have a weblog set-up about to be unfurled on the world, and early reports are sausive.

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'War is Peace.'
1984 {Orwell

'The war in Iraq is really about peace.'
2003 {George Bush

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posted by Ian 7/11/2003 10:39:00 AM

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