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OK: just so I don't give the impression of being a terminally unbudging realpolitik wonk ...

What I'm actually reading {page by page, at night, in my Noam Chomsky jammies}:

Outlaw ยท The Lives and Careers of John Rechy
by Charles Casillo [Advocate Books]

Eye opening {just don't ask which eye ...

- ---- +

HEY! Here's an idea.

Why not resettle the PALESTINIANS in the Big Brother house, while we're at it, uh? It must be getting to the point where they're the only people who haven't been considered as A LAST DITCH DESPERATE GIMMICK!

{Ye Gods! Even Chief Cheerleader Graham Norton flamed out last night AND not just bitchily, but he broke the rules and mentioned how THIS ALL ULTIMATELY CAME DOWN TO SQUEEZING MORE MONEY OUT OF THE PUBLIC.}

+ --- -

Hey! Here's another idea!
Why not let's have a BIG BLOGGER vote!
Me, I vote we get the old friendly BLOGGER back in the House!

I mean, thanks guys, to all the tech-heads I know ... who've written in saying, oh, Ian, but it's so simple!, just reconfigure your GIFs on an editing plane like Word and then copy, cut, paste, tie up, shoot up, nod out, and then re-rout your bunny ears thru a klactoveesedstein programme. Not forgetting to tie down your mainframe if there's a small wind blowing from the South.

Well, yeah. But WHY SHOULD I?
The old Blogger, you could throw in an empty Fresh Soup Carton and Old Friendly Blogger would duly post it.
Which is the way it SHOULD be: this is about public access, not dicking around with the coded syntax of PCs-as-hobbyzzzz ...
I'm not a tech head and don't want to be. If I'm still half asleep at 7 in the morning or completely pissed after midnight I don't want to be thinking about bloody RUSES that might MIGHT get me where I want to go.

- ---- +

Seen last night on A TOUCH OF FROST [ITV1, repeat]:

There's a dead junkie in a public lavatory. Murdered, OD'd, liver explosion, who knows yet. But there's a half-drunk bottle of "rum laced with industrial alcohol". Everyone is up to their ankles in piss and blood and vomit and god knows what else. Perfect abjection.
Then, just visible behind Frost's head, a graffito on the Public Loo from Hell's porcelain wall:


Thanks, guys. Always nice to find one's natural level reaffirmed.

posted by Ian 7/12/2003 08:26:00 AM

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