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Why did Tony Blair cross the road?
To get to GEORGE BUSH's side.

Why did Geoff Hoon cross the road?
To double cross the other side.

Why did Clare Short cross the road?
I haven't yet decided to cross the road at this particular juncture; but you can be sure that when I have reached a decision re road crossing it will be a manifestly correct decision, and a safe decision, and a publicity aware decision, taken in complete and proper consultation with the international pelican community ...

Why did Jack Straw cross the road?
I think you'll find I crissed the road, and it's typical of the BBC to insist on the exact contrary of my clearly stated aims and measures. I refer you to paragraph IV, subsection two, Focus Group Proposals For the Reduction of Crossing and the Implementation of Crissing in Dangerously Happy Enough Communities, with attendant reduction of all risk, ruin, pleasure and excess. Crossing is what brought about Old Labour's stagnation, ex parti partu, I need hardly remind you, and ...
[contd etc etc.]

posted by Ian 7/24/2003 09:55:00 AM

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