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This, here, now, tonight, is where it get really brass tacks blog or blurrily webby ... just for a change.
I've been working: real work in the real world (even if the recompense sometimes strikes me as something less than real-istic, heavy sigh, and let's just say that there have now been TWO sets of tears shed over my Nina Simone piece ... ach, sometimes it's hard to be a LIBERAL ... giving all your work for just a bare living wage ...);

also, I've been effecting simply massif and way way WAY overdue SPRINGCLEAN duties around the bunker: came in from the garden and realised I literally could not move for a positif solid MAZE of new books, old books, obsessive IRAQ-monitoring newspaper tranches, cat dust, the likes.

{I'm tired, genuinely tired, here. The light inside my head is fading...}

PLUS: subjacent theoretical justification VIA a map ref. from marK-punk I fetched up at the v. readable I Feel Love and was reminded how much I LIKE the more conversational, I-did-this-today type webwerk. I read IFL, at leisure, from top to tail, and that is actually quite rare these days. {Which reminds me, I must check see what Troubled Diva is up to ...}

so: disjecta membra at 1:29 am with eyelids drooping :::

· How about all the breaking stuff in the U.S. then? About who knew what and when in re SAUDI ARABIAN support for terrorism, and why it wasn't acted on by a Bush-wracked administration and how it's taken them damn near on EIGHT MONTHS just to thread the DELETIONS thru the report - which [the report itself] was ready back in December 2002.
This has already got (as I've been saying for a months} a distinctly WATERGATE whiff about it - and just before Bush prepares for the re-election trail, too. {Rubs hands greedily in schadenfreude ...} On a US TV clip playing right now, the detail picked out concerns a DELETED passage relating to an "intelligence" meeting Bush took ONE MONTH before 9/11 in which rumours of attack - specifically with an airplane - were aired. It all comes dow to the Bush Family-Suadi Arabia connection ... tick - tick - tick ... and all the Family-targeted tax cuts in the world won't make this go away methinks (or: mehopes).

On TV at the moment: a Roberto Duran Special. I seem to recall this [unrecorded?] Nick Cave song/poem called the 'Something Something Hands of Roberto Duran'. N.C. had a martyrological crush on Roberto just like he did with Late Vegas-era Elvis.

Speaking of the once-dead now-resurrected, I have to admit I feel a spark of excitement and anticipation about the new JANE'S ADDICTION comeback CD. It's got across the board ***** reviews - but unfortunately none of 'em by people I know or trust: has anyone {I know or trust} actually heard the thing? Is it worth shelling out for? Saw it in the local Virgin micro-store today but hesitated; didn't want to get it home and be disappointed {and out of pocket}. Spent the hard earned instead on CDs from a useful SUMMER SALE, which has some pretty darn nifty offers (esp. if like me you've lost a record collection or two in the course of difficult times and dumb decisions and insiduous sell-off instant cash pressures down the years ... right now, I really am in super-determined STOCK IT BACK mode.) - uh - where was I - oh yeah - and one of the bargains I picked up was the don't care either way about the film to be honest but one of the ALL TIME GREAT pomo soundtracks: NATURAL BORN KILLERS: which features Jane's TED JUST ADMIT IT which whoooo still sounds singularly majestic and genuinely dangerous and Dionysiac and so on and makes me hunger for Perry at his heights. It might be kinda cool & interesting to listen to the now clean Farrell ("Hi. My name is Perry F and I'm a visionary ...") in my own now comparatively unfrazzled state ...

I gladly payed the £5.99 tho for just the one odd song on there: "History Repeats Itself" by some outfit called A.O.S.; the whole album but this song in particular meant a lot to me in the Winter of 1997 which was one of the worst rock-bottom glummest desperate periods of my life. But who the heck are A.O.S.? (And are those initials anything to do with Austin Osman Spare?)

I'm flagging, people ... push on, push on boy ...

{also available on video in this SALE : Ghost World for £3.99 and The Royal Tenenbaums for £4.99. Haven't, shamefully, seen either of 'em' but in the midst of my springclean the other day I came across my copy of the GHOST WORLD book, which I reclined and read from cover to cover there and then and gosh but I'd forgotten just how cool and funny and acute it is, and I speak as someone who is NOT a comix type of guy, Alan Moore excepted...

... and a river of LOVE SHINES through it ...

Various other stuff I've rediscovered or uncovered or remembered in the last few days ... :

· Cy Twombly
· Graham Sutherland
· actual old style Fabian Society era ANARCHIST tracts, e.g., THREE ESSAYS ON ANARCHISM by Charlotte Wilson {a fascinating woman and honorary History Lesson pawgirl ...}
· Another movie I didn't see when it came out but caught at the weekend on late night BBC2 and almost didn't bother sticking with it but was ultimately SO glad I did would you believe I actually nearly BLUBBED, twice, which is highly rare for me at all with current culture, current movies esp., and certainly not the very odd TEARS of i dunno JOY? SURPRISE? HAPPINESS? right at the end of the tres unheimlich adult fairy tale which is LAWN DOGS [John Duigan 1997]... {I ought to come back to this when I'm not two thirds asleep already...}
· James Leo Herlihy's original novel on which the overrated MIDNIGHT COWBOY movie was (blandly) adapted from: by Orpheus, what a revelation! Sublime, spare writing. It's just been reissued in paperback at a steal of a price and I URGE you to track it down. Even if you were never - to say the least - convinced by the film, even dislike it, especially Hoffmann in the first of his oh-puh-leez lower depths Method jobs ...
· my nu haircut!
· "Let's Get Lost" - Chet Baker
· "Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain" - Willie Nelson
· VRS - Jimi Hendrix
· Calexico - not a band I've ever taken much notice of, but this new E.P. I got sent has two GREAT luscious moments: a note perfect, near-xerox but somehow (k)not, surging summer rain version of Love's ALONE AGAIN OR; and a lovely lovely CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA REMIX of a track called "Woven Birds" {which is a lovely title to begin with ... }
· CATCHPHRASE! Jhon Balance, opening track on COIL LIVE FOUR, controlled dementia, dream fragment risible & vivid & menacing & right :


... a-h, my concentration is really going now, I know there's more, much more, especially in the Bush Blair Conspiracy arena, but ... up the wooden stairs to Batailleshire i must now pad ...

night_night, all my (c)red headed strangers ...

posted by Ian 7/25/2003 02:10:00 AM

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