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And you know, I was thinking the other night, if all this queasoogical Hollandaise paradigm shift is the case, maybe I should just admit defeat, maybe I should drop all this. Admit the truth to myself that I'm just a sad old git now who doesn't 'get' the 'kidz' and listen to Opera for the rest of my quiet life.
But then I realisd it was the opposite.
I dont get the kidz because they strike me as monsters of politesse, sparklessness, satisfation, contentment, ease, nothng to say. No complaint.
I see their faces swaying waving lips moving along in bliss to the words of the EASIER listen Radiohead plaints and I think: are they content with that? Is that IT? IS THAT ALL THERE IS?

{And as I stood there, shivering, in my pyjamas ... watching my WHOLE world go up in flames, I thought to myself: IS THAT ALL THERE IS TO A FIRE?

Once a speed freak always a speed frrrrrreak. Always looking for the REVs. Always looking to squeeze out ONE MORE REVOLUTION from the day night night day its all one to me I'll sleep when I'm ... tired. I belong to the crank generation: THEN I was cranked up really high NOW I'm just a cranky old crank, a Krankie without a straight man.

Once a speed freak always a speed freak
{Strummer, in my expert opinion, only PASSED as a speed freak. In his heart he was totally ganja. That's the difference. And 7 years older and a public school education ha! A West London squatland white rasta laid back chill out life.
I'll chill when I'm in the MORTUARY!

{I never did like The Clash. always thought they were - at base and upfront - utterly fraudulent in the same way McLaren's attempt to MAO down The New York Dolls was ...

Calm down.
Recommend something. You know you like doing that. (You think it'll make people think you're a serious archivist.)
OK. I recommend, I highly HIGHly recommend you read Mary Woronov's fantastic 'memoir' swimming underground ยท my years in the warhol factory {which gives memoirs a good name} [Serpents Tail 1995] - and esp. the "Mole People" chapters.


Wheel Me Out

I'm rollin on these wheels
I'm really in the mood today
I'm a former music critic
Now I'm a realist

Now I'm next
And I'm next
Andy's next
Andy andy andy andy did it you!
And me and you and them and us
REAL me out
REAL me out
REAL me in

posted by Ian 7/10/2003 12:41:00 PM

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