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This is all so much more serious than what version of which hypothesis Alistair Campbell read at what date.

{Not that that isn't serious: if the government were indeed operating solely on hypotheses rather than some breakthrough set of FACTS – then why the RUSH?
{And I agree that journalists chipping away at these things may unearth some Watergate style document that blows the thing apart.
But it does feel right now that the press/media coverage is like an autistic child who keeps rubbing their finger over and over and over this one little bit of fascinating grain on a favourite twig, and cannot see the uncanny hugeness of the dark forest looming behind it ...

There may have been new testaments and conjoined or collaged versions - this is admitted, just - but the Government is currently reacting with alacrity to being questioned on these matters {like: can't you just SHUT UP and do your job of being mainstream PR for us like the craven US press, guys?}, like, how do you DARE to quibble with these things because after all they are all things which issue from the lap of the ONE TRUE FAITH, oh Praise be to St Tone.

And now we find out that the US had a secret [WMD monitoring] unit all along in Iraq with the most hi-tech surveillance gear available, the best and most advanced of its kind; and that this was even stationed pre-war [!], long before war, during it and indeed they are still beavering away, looking, listening, x raying, eavesdropping, and relax folks because there is no form of monitoring more advanced. Technology you can’t imagine. (Although we have hints – such as how they supposedly knew where Saddam and his gang were at all hours of the day; just like the Israelis know where members of Hamas are so they can launch US financed rockets at them and oh, what's a little collateral damage when it's just aftr all a few wog babies ...?)

Bu STILL no material evidence: not a shred!
Not a scrape, or scratch or dropped screw from a hastily ‘looted’ shelf! Not a skull n crossbones label or shard of dark glass!


Then too there is the question of Bush’s recent and outrageously casual statement along the lines of ‘We may well find the WMDs have been looted...’

This strikes one as an OUTRAGEOUS slip! I mean: think about ALL this IMPLIES! Monstrous implications! But it’s just been left to float around out there like, oh so what and who can be bothered so follow up another Dubya cock-up . . . when in reality {Bush - reality - in the same sentence!} it's a bit like saying: it may even be the weapons weren’t even loaded. Or they were actually TOY weapons it nwo turns out - Uday bought 'em at Disney world in Paris! God, shucks, the EGG on our faces! Me and Condy and Al - how we blushed! Ah heck! Who knows? Who cares?

Sorry: MAY have? MAY have? They don’t know – one way or the other? With all that paradigmatic hi tech monitoring?

And if they were looted (by whom? to where?) their equipment didn’t register a single odd movement or unexpected convoy or ANYTHING?

And he said it in such an offhand wot-me-worry way.
Like: that’s that then.
Oh well.
Ho hum.

And what makes Bush’s pronouncement all the more dodgy was that Downing Street immediately – as they say – moved to distance itself from it, all but publically said 'No, we have to draw a line and outright DISAGREE here George, I mean, play the game old chap, our public isn't QUITE AS DUMB AS YOURS – I mean, we even still have a this damned bloody pesky FREE PRESS here which might pick up on a clanger like that, and, frankly old man, then where would we be! Before you know it we’d be knee deep in the TRUTH about the war being one big election rally for the Bush Family Co. or a bribe to Israel or a warning to other oil states or whatever the hell it actually was! I mean, George, er, that’s another thing – you DID say you were going to tell Tony a ways down the line why we WERE actually rushing pell mell into this and while we’re on the subject what about that RECONSTRUCTION plan you said CONDY had up her sleeve? It, uh, that, um, doesn't seem to have ...'

The weapons MAY have been looted?
It’s that "may" that really makes your blood boil.
Just like the dodgy dossier, it's like – who cares, fuck the voters, fuck democaracy, we all know that's a laughable myth, we're all running our countries according to a secret programme of TOTAL WAR now, and we'll goddman only tell you what you "need" to know, so for the time being I can say what I like. I could claim that Mickey Mouse or The Incredible Hulk or Charlies Angels or our Bush Family mascot Harvey the giant rabbit took 'em for all the diff it makes!

It’s like you've been robbed and a policeman takes a look at the crime scene and then says – 'Frankly, we’re never going to get your beloved items back, sir. You know, it may have been a robber, it may have been a terrorist, it – who cares?

But you're the self proclaimed POLCIEMAN OF THE WORLD! You have the best hi tech thief nabbing equipment on the globe! You have the resources the numbers … and you've got nothing, NO leads? Why do I get the feeling you’re jerking me right off here? I mean, I happen to KNOW you had 3 policeman outside my house at the time this all happened. With hi tech gear and cameras and everything ...

Yeah, but they didn't see anything, sir. With RESPECT. We think these guys may have been uh [scratches head, consults with press spokeswoman] INVISIBLE. Uh, yeah. There were reports of a magic carpet at the time. You know these Arab type guys - uh - they're slippy ... and, you know, it's difficult to see in the dark for our guys. The robbers they, hey, just, uh, melted away.

But they would have been carrying HUGE sacks of...

Oh come now sir: looted, robbed, spirited away ... mislaid ... who's to say WHAT the "truth" is here mmm?
And after all SIR - is that a CD of Middle Eastern music on your shelf? - we’ve only got YOUR word for it you were robbed at all. Maybe you stashed them in your garden and forgot about it, mm? Or in a garden in some other part of London? Maybe you LET yourself be robbed - as, ah, some kind of wrong-headed Guardian reading "gesture" of solidarity with our camel riding brethren? Maybe you robbed yourself comes down to it: hwo the hell do we know what happened? Maybe you sold all this stuff on E Bay, in which case we wouldn’t even be able to track them -
{PR's sotto voce murmur: 'Sir, with respect, that’s not how the Internet works...' 'Really? But I thought they sort of went down the line and -' 'No, sir, that would be against the laws of physics...'}

+ ---- -

Unfortunately for Campbell et al our press thankfully isnt yet as aquiescent and ethically DEAD as the mainstream US press which has simply given up and become an arm of the government (in distinctly pre-9/11 marked contrast to the death-by-trivia and insinuation and misogyny they handed out to the Clinton administration... which, don't get me wrong, I'm hardly a cheerleader for THAT careerist clown either ...)

Blair ran this on the promise that all would be revealed AT A LATER DATE: once the war was done. Can't right now - sensitive information, and all that.
And now we’re waiting.
Submitting the occasional polite request.
Only to be met by the gorgon-headed Campbell, like some scarey starey care-in-the-community failure, stopping us from getting into the newsagents. Blocking our every feint and polite mumble, swearing and puffing out his chest and doing a little diversionary jig interspersed with random SHOUTS saying GET AWAY TO FUCK WI YE! This is MY newspaper SHIP!

So: has it been canny, or a fuck up, the Blair/Campbell tactic?
The stress on WMD confuses the moral compass. After all it was always predicated on – We’ve given Saddam his last chance. If ONLY he would come forward now and comply then none of this would be necessary; in other words, if Saddam HAD complied, there would have been no crusade for regime change.

Let's just state THIS once and for all.
In strictly juridical unsentimental factual realpolitik terms.
This WAR was fought on that latter condition: comply with inspections, Saddam, and everything will be OK.
In other words the Bush Blair Coalition would have been happy to let Saddam and his awful tyrannical blood splattered henchman-ruled regime continue till kingdom come – even unto a new Uday - if only he had complied with their weapons-search legalities. I am not twisting things now: this is what was said. It was made quite clear: it had to be WMDs, this was INSISTED upon. With so much vehemance. The bottom line. The incontrovertible evidence underpinning it ALL.

Mr Tony argued with such certainty: I don’t care if X% of the population doesn’t agree, doesn’t want to go to war, I don’t care if there are doubters in my own Cabinet (who may even know more about this than I), I don’t care if many people think we should go slower, stall, suspend, because I KNOW BETTER. Let us not forget: THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE CASE. I know better than you: I am privvy to certain facts. I know better than you therefore I take this ethical stand, knowing the urgency of this state of affairs. He took upon himself this right, this duty and as he would see it - and wanted us to see it - this DESTINY: this is my right, this is my path. I guarantee this with my BEING – and my being alone. I take it this decision for you. BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER.
That, ultimately, was the crux here.
That certainty.
Everything came down to this: I, Tony, know better, and if I can’t tell you why right now, guys, be assured it will all come clear come with the end of the war …
Not politics, but BELIEF.
Gotta have FAITH.

posted by Ian 7/09/2003 01:00:00 PM

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