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{Detours d'amour ...
Bob Dylan - lyrical. Andy - visual. Dylan - Torah torah torah, answering every question with a question or riddle. Andy - Catholic & catholic & unquestioning acceptance of iconic truth. Both out of town boys. Both of these sallow speed-polished ALCHEMISTS in love with androgyne Edie. {A riddle inside an enigma inside 3 week old underwear and 6 months worth of unsloughed makeup. Just like an OMEN.} Both amphetamine prophets letting bleak American garbage run into their heads and come out recycled as GOLD of a kind.

{+ "Can't Buy A Thrill" as definitive line or "Blonde on Blonde" or "Leopardskin Pillbox Hat" etc - can't you see them as Warhol sayings, Warhol titles?

{And no coincidence either that - rivalry as masked homoedipal longing - in amongst all those portraits Warhol committed to popcult memory: Mick Jagger, the Stones, Lou Reed, (did he do John & Yoko?) et al ... NO iconic Dylan.

And the ultimate irony/victory - for both of them but especially for Andy, is that these apostles of POP have out lasted everyone in one way or another.
Looking at Andy's prints & paintings now, each year that passes they just seem to become stronger, more definitivec, more prophetic ...

... and the chapters might fall together under a rubric like Andy Warhol: A Visual Poet In The Era of Television*, or, The Era of Publicity, or, the Era of Advertising ...

{*"New York was an equivalent for The Velvet Underground of what Paris was for Baudelaire ..." frm up-tight ยท ibid.}

... and he saw, he knew, how it would work, how Pop would impact on people's taste, and sense of their taste as RIGHT and unassailable by notions of canon or correctness, because the paradox of 'mass' culture after all, is that it ends up putting MORE onus on the individual's taste or choice of object.
For example: you might argue all night and you like for Radiohead, say - but if I don't like them, if i don't 'get' it, if I find it whiny and limited and smug, and don't like his voice, that's it and that's that, c'est ca, an end to it, and here's the thing tho': I don't care!, it doesn't bug me the way it might once have bugged me if I didn't 'get' some big new artist or some Old Master, like, it was MY fault I don't 'get' them, no, if I find Moloko FAR more moving and serious a proposition, because I like her voice more than Radioboy's, find it far more convincing a song, an 'act' (which they both are) than Radiohead, then that's my affair and nothing you say is going to shift me from that position, because when it comes right down to it it's my time and my dollar and my Trinitron and MY pleasure IS THE BOSS, mass reproduction has FREED us all from the tyranny of received taste ...

... of course the next step is into a kind of pure (& carefully performed, groomed, maintained) and COMPLETE lack of critical distinction {which I do think Warhol performed, put on, as a prank, as a mask, one of many, and IN this he was far more astute - socially, visually, ideologically - than all of his critics and half of his admirers ever imagined ...

And tho' but it's that final terminal step I don't think I can ever take; altho I do so wish I could sometimes ...

posted by Ian 7/10/2003 12:49:00 PM

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