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Q: You’ve said that the working class are usually morons. If so, why? Is this a particularly British ailment or a universal truth?

A: The working class tend to be morons because the education system in a “democracy” seeks to level rather than inspire excellence.
[…] In a democracy every child is told the world is his oyster; he gets out of school, isn’t fit to do anything better than work on a building site and gets envious of the people he sees on TV. That’s where crime comes from, and alcoholism – stupid people getting desperate and thinking thy’ve been done out of their rightful destiny.

The American working class is definitely the most moronic in the world. Look at your heroin statistics and your murder statistics. It’s pathetic, you’re a real mess. If Russia invaded you they’d be doing you a favour. They’d knock you into shape in no time. “Democracy” is not an end in itself, you know. You have a “free” media; and it also happens to be the most inane, trivial media in the world. A lot of your cretinism must be blamed on your media. Your memories are pathetic; I read recently of a group of schoolchildren in Texas who, when asked who was shot in Dallas in 1963, replied “J.R.”

You Americans think that fiction is fact and that fact is a Communist plot. You are pathetically powerless and apolitical; 53% of your population voted in the last election. Your blacks and your youth have realized what a big lie your “freedom” is and have revolted by blanking themselves out. When I see Americans protesting about the Vietnam war, all that old film, I can’t believe they are Americans. They look so thin and intelligent and classy.

Your unions reflect your political void. They’re just gangsters who worship money, miniatures in the image of your president. Over here, the working man via his union can monitor and even veto a Government that goes too far. THAT’S democracy. It’s a fact that your country’s citizens own more firearms than NATO does. They try to make up for political powerlessness by waving a gun at someone, and through nationalistic chauvinism. Your country is one big seething mass of vacant ciphers. The least moronic proletariats in the world can be found in Scandanavia, France and Italy – countries where, coincidently, “America” ceased to be a myth of an influence long ago.

New York “punk” was an influence at the start – but the minute Rotten emerged and people realized just how great and just how English he was – that’s the minute Americans became figures of fun. Patti Smith, Ramones, Television – they seemed pathetic, like people you should offer to help across the road. Only Debbie Harry was respected; for surviving drugs so beautifully, for not pretending to like French poets. [This is] the first generation which doesn’t look to America for glamour and myth and entertainment – all you’ve got to offer them are The Knack and Meryl Streep, and they’re not interested. Your whole populace seems to be 35 years old.

Q: You’ve suggested that Mankind breed itself out. Do you believe that that’s a realistic solution?

A: It’s ideal but not realistic. However, I do believe that each person should be allowed only one child. In East Germany they have zero population growth, so it’s not impossible. You can protest with words like “freedom” and “liberty” – but “freedom” to havelots of children over here only means that lots of children are going to starve to death on the other side of the world. It’s all one world, yet white Western people don’t seem to care how many African children die as long as they can have that extra darling little white baby over here

Most “freedoms” that the West shouts about are just greed, one-up-manship, “I want”. “Freedom” has become a really filthy word in the West – it’s started to mean “I did it my way – fuck everyone else.”

The world used to let America get away wth a lot of wrongs because once in a while it would produce a human being – Bobby Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King – who seemed to transcend the species. You can’t do that now and Europe won’t let you bully the world anymore.
The only hope for American politics is for black Americans to become angry activists again, instead of defeated criminals.

Postal ‘interview’ by Iman Labebedi, East Village Eye, Summer 1981.

posted by Ian 7/10/2003 11:21:00 AM

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