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G.B. sez F.U. to more mere POETRY


I will speak on the question of a Popular Front.
However, I do not want to equivocate.
We are not politicians.

We want to express ourselves on the question of a Popular Front. It is necessary for us to define our position in relation to a new set of forces that at the present time dominates the political scene.

We will not try to add new maneuvers to the already complex and often divergent maneuvers of the politicians.

When we speak to those who want to hear us, we do not essentially address their political finesse. The reactions we hope for from them are not calculations of positions, nor are they new political alliances. What we hope for is of a different nature.

We see that the human masses are at the disposition of blind forces which condemn them to inexplicable hecatombs, and which, while making them wait, give them a morally empty and materially miserable life.

What we have before our eyes is the horror of human impotence.

We want to confront this horror directly. We address ourselves to the direct and violent drives which, in the minds of those who hear us, can contribute to the surge of power that will liberate us from the absurd swindlers who lead them.

We know that such drives have little to do with the phraseology invented to maintain political positions. The will to be done with impotence implies, even in our eyes, scorn for this phrasemongering: the taste for verbal agitation has never passed for a mark of power.

{frm Popular Front In The Street
{May 1936

posted by Ian 7/17/2003 03:06:00 PM

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