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I have one piece of advice: try not to go all Tourette's like you did before.


Uh ...

Bollocks to that.

I mean - what the FUCK is going on here?
I NOW find that never mind all the BIG POST ERROR nonsense, this new set up doesn't even DO what it SAYS it has done. It only hit me last night - after I got an e mail from someone saying 'Oh liked that thing you wrote about X, even if some people might consider it a bit billious even for you!'; and I thought, hang on, I DELETED that.

So I check it out and sure enough - there it is on The Pill Box with all these ugly little BIG POST ERROR fuckers that I had also deleted as I thought; so - jump to [I'm sorry to newcomers - this must be incredibly BORING for you, but you just happen to have arrived in the middle of a cross between a Chernobyl style meltdown and Peter Finch's freak out in NETWORK] the MANAGE POSTS facility on the [yes] "new improved" fuckwit Blogger mode - and according to that I HAVE deleted them. TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAME PAGE.
So now, blogheads - I ALERT YOU TO THIS - you can't even rely on it doing the things it SAYS it has done.

What the FUCK are they playing at?
Please - some investigative or computer or financial journalist do a piece about this. Something that was perfect has been turned into a piece of shit. Do people own shares in it, Google? Well, serves them right, avaricious motherfuckers.

Hope Google goes right down the shit chute with all the other get rich qwick i can piss higher up the wall than you Wall St dick-pulls. Hope all the investors lose ALL their money and their families end up on the street, begging for enough small change to buy a bundle of unpolluted grass to eat.
Maybe then they'll GRASP the other side of the Bushy eyed dream; like those people I saw on C4 on Sunday in BOLIVIA who had to save up FIVE MONTHS PAY just to get their water put back on, because Washinton/IMF/World Bank had INSISTED that EVERYTHING must be PRIVATISED and so ...
Listen to me!
Aw shucks!

Where's that other pill box, the one with the last Tranquillax in it ... ?

So sorry paw people.

This is just TOO fucked.
I was going to relent and post a slimmed down version {mainly about BUSH / Pentagon / IMF etc - like, that's why most of you tune in, anyway, and not for the swearing ...} but really, what's the point?

1) It would probably just turn into a monodimensional Mr Angry thing the way this new Blogger deal has got under my skin. By Day Three I would have taken a wrecking bar to this computer or had a heart attack and I KNOW [most of you] don't want that.
2) I haven't got the time to fuck about with this; I barely have any work in the Real World as it is. So unless some Charles Saatchi figure wants to write in and finance me as a living art work, it's just unfeasible. This was supposed to be simple and fun and NOT think-twice and time consuming.
3) I may search out some alternative weblog process - does anyone know if there are any NON American ones?
i.e., I'm SO pissed off with what's going on with those Guantanamo Bay prisoners I'm going on an anti-American detox. I suggest you do the same. CORPORATE PROFIT is the ONLY thing these people take notice of. Sorry Marlboro, but the LITES are the next thing to go. Which, giving up smoking - you think I'm twitchy now? That would only have made me ANGRRRRIER. And there's a limit on these things even for an ex speed freak punk rock Karl Krauss meets Krusty the Kritic like moi. You saw how I flipped out just cos Blogger didnt work to my exact specifications.
You should see me when Bush or Blair come on the TV ... you know, I really wish I could say I was able to be nice and rational and Noam Chomsky about it all, but, truth is, it's like an old episode of BOTTOM.)


. . . strange actually, how many people have e-mailed to say how much they LOVED the all-swearing all-spitting freak out about Google; or, loved the ad hominem attacks on tennis players and their fans and etc. Jeez, with me it's a carefully calibrated act: but you people out there are SICK. You're all headed for some kind of collective breakdown if you don't DO something about all that ANGER you got locked up. Really.

By the way (old habits die hard) I've worked out what it is that IRKS me so about tennis, Max: the GAME itself is SO all about sex (I won't go into that dream I had about me as the bratwurst in a Williams Sister sandwich - oh, those legs! - but to paraphrase Lacan on Bernini's statue of St Theresa: "you only have to go listen to these girls at Wimbledon to understand immediately that they're coming, there is no doubt about it.") but the bloody so-nice commentary and the bloody so-nice so-English fans are SET unto death on pretending it's the most innocuous thing in the world, like, the LAST thing in the world which thank Saint Cliff and the Divine Sue ISN"T tainted with sex n commerce and drive and more sex.

Digression over.

The PILL BOX is being held ransom by techno hierarchy FUCK WITS.
Only a substantial contribution to The Old Stankhovite's Rest Home,
9, The Ruff Ridings, Borgesville, will result in its gliberation.

Ovah and OUT.
(For now. Maybe. We'll see. I'd keep checking in if I was you.)

posted by Ian 7/08/2003 10:01:00 AM

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