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I like mornings like this; mornings like this are GOOD.

In the POST:
· a cheque {not nearly enough, but you can't have everything I guess
· FIVE new COIL cds
· a CHET BAKER biography
· and, perhaps most heart-warming and smile-making of and LIFE affirming of all, this week's edition of THE WEEK.
Cover line: The sex kitten who loves short men
Inside: "Emmanuelle Seigner is a sex kitten in the best FRENCH tradition. [...] The main man in her life is Roman Polanski, 69.
"The fact that he is OLDER means he has experience, which is good. I learnt a lot from him." And then, she says, there's the fact that she fancies short men. "I like small guys. I always did."

Now, here's a sublimely attractive and wonderfully creative and above averagely intelligent (and above all French) woman with her feet on the ground and patently in touch with eminently sensible "traditions" and "facts" which should be adopted, I feel, on a EUROPE WIDE BASIS.

Does The Pill Box, I idly wonder, have any readers who are:
a) not geeky blokes?
b) not not French?
c) not married to Roman Polanski?
d) not fussy?... "

+ ---- -

Also in the post this morning, the Pill Box electricity bill.
Now, maybe this is the equivalent of people like Gore Vidal suddenly getting stringent swingeing TAX AUDITS inthe 60s when they criticised NIXON; but the bill has suddenly shot up by a whopping 50%.

Ah, maybe this is a clue ...
LONDON ELECTRICITY {as was} has re-named itself "LONDON ENERGY".

And who do you think the COST is being passed on to ...?

- ---- +


I just risked trying to extend the Pill Box page back to FIVE days on show, not the rather measly THREE.

And all the "old" NEW problems came straight back at me ... so much for techno-flexibility huh?

posted by Ian 7/18/2003 10:23:00 AM

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