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In the terminal where dreams
let so many tickets through
when strangers look in faces
and see somebody there they knew
you might meet me tomorrow
as all the lights are blooming green
and you're feeling a little lonely,
a little sad,
a little mean
remember a place
inside of that hotel
where you could do anything you want to do
you couldn't tell

if it's
more trouble than it's worth

{Rickie Lee Jones
"living it up" ·

I lied to my angel so I could
take you downtown
I'd lie to anybody
there was nobody else around
and I know what the people say
about me
but I lied to my angel
and now she can't
find me

{Rickie Lee Jones
"Traces of the Western Slopes" ·

... but after all
there are such things
and these are the things
who'll turn your memories back into dreams
Oh, it's all flying and waving
for you to keep trying
you're so close
So close
all the returns
one of these days,
one of these days,
one of these days,
one of these days.

{Rickie Lee Jones
"The Returns" ·

{ all: from PIRATES · 1981 ·}

posted by Ian 7/16/2003 08:02:00 AM

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