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OK: first things first: Big Blogger's Little Bother. Part n+.

Qualified apologies to Mat and anyone else who e-mailed the PB with helpful upful solutions and suggestions and tech support. My snotty remarks the other day weren't - and I did hope this was obvious - directed at you; I am always looking for Does Not Compute advice, and always grateful when it arrives.
I do think M's comparison with electronica of the glitchy stripe doesn't quite square. That is a formalist art project which EXPLORES the loops & tones & recesses & grain of the machinery; whereas Blogger is - or should be, at base - just a portal through which text manifests itself. It should be peazy: IF THAT IS WHAT & ALL YOU WANT. And it shouldn't {contra Pill Boxes ibid.} be about the mechanism itself: I mean, what could be more techboy boring and solipsistic and who-cares than someone writing all the time about the problems he's having with ... er ... ?

I dig that because Mat has taken the trouble to learn stuff he can post pictures and has himself a far larger palette for PLAY than me, and that's cool & fine, his post is singular and that's what we need more of, not homogeneity, and maybe even at some point down the line I myself may start to explore all the vrs potentialities. But - at base, as I say - I initially welcomed it, and jumped in feet first, because it seemed such a doddle. Because feet first would do it. I could do what I would be doing anyway, ranting away into my computer daily, but this way (with minimum think-twice, tread carefully, tick off list obstacles) share it with the world.
Typing in Dylan interviews, favourite Byrds tracks, important new political texts, cat names, grudges, etc, seems a ways removed from Matmos {whose new CD, coincidentally, I just received; more on that anon.} tho', let's face it.

All writing is performative to a greater or lesser extent: the illusion of complete immediacy which blogging fosters is doubtless just that - an illusion. A lot of my posting for The Pill Box - and your's, I would hazard - is as much of a performance as my other modes of writing. I'm playing myself. But I will say that the mask factor is pretty low most of the time; a lot of it IS straight off the top of my head. {Not that that necessarily equates in this boy's POV with Truth, as eternally understood - but that's a different N.B.}

I was just pissed off with nu Blogger because it suddenly became so stop and start and tot it up and word count and SLOG and someone else's time frame and text specification and suddenly it felt like the e z y access thrill was gone. I didn't want it to be some explore the glitch project which consumed acres of my time - for a variety of reasons, none of which, either seperately or taken together also preclude all the grand plans and dreams I have for The Pill Box.

Interestingly, I think I may have used an electronica/muzik/rap trope in the past - how I had been envious of musicians/rappers who could shove out 45s when they felt like it. {The apotheosis of this has to be Jamaica in the 70s.... and, in my head, I wanted The Pill Box to be a bit like that: a Big Youth summer 45, part newspaper, part party political broadcast, part mysticism, part joke, part trickster performance, part gossip, part boast, part vulnerable song, part word dance ... oh, so much ... some of it broad, some of it in code, some of it glancingly personal, but pretty much accessible to an already semi clued-in audience, but always OF THE MOMENT.

If anything, I don't think muzik people have latched onto or utilised this nearly ENOUGH. (I think of COIL's Solstice+Equinox series of semi-improvised 45s as a great future paradigm here now ... (as opposed, e.g., to the wrong move of people clogging up every CD they put out with 60, 70, 80 minutes of will-this-do? stuff.
Economy, peeeeple, ECHONOMY ...

Anyway, I came close to a kind of manifesto-in-progress the other day, all that stuff about the Other Voice and letting it flow, and so on*.
Being personal and improvisatory without being dully or duly 'confessional'.

A-n-y-way, I think I may have found a way to ease the Nu Blogger probs; but I wanna wait a bit before I proclaim it a complete success; it just means you only get three days per PILL BOX, not a week's worth per "page". I should have thought of this sooner, admittedly ... but it still doesn't (as I keep saying) explain why clunky creaky "old" style blogger could deal with my textual OVERLOAD, and flashy user-friendly fast draw "nu" blogger seemingly can't.

Let's just see.

{I luv doing this shit, I really do. And I luv the EXCHANGE factor of getting post from people, getting response, getting feedback, getting help, getting READ, getting around ...

{*on which note, I'm a bit of a latecomer to HERONBONE but I like, I like: this is just the sort of thing I had in mind. Nice one.}


But I can't complain.

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posted by Ian 7/15/2003 03:33:00 AM

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