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Mr H---e---X added:

"... HELL man I don't know all about their damn politricks and all, but we in the HEXPEERIANCE just think every HUMAN entitled to their own personal thing, their own personal BEING, everybody gotta be allowed to SPEAK OUT for themselves, no matter what the BROTHER might have done along the way. I'd just like to know if everyone in the let's not forget still WHITE House got a completely clean record, ain't done nothing in their past might get them some kinda ticket...

"Even my brother Colin Powell, lookin' all slick and UNI span and Uncle Tom's Reasonable Western Conscience... some of us REVENANTS still alive back in the SIXTIES day man - and what a looong day's journey into WHITE that was, huh - we remember a little thing over in Vietnam called MY LAI - pronounce ME LIE - that Captain Ko Lin Roll of Dishnour had quite a hand in covering up know I'm saying? That was the brother's step up on the ladder, you hear me?

"But shit - I made a poor chile's shitload mistakes myself, those Sixties days n nights, no gettin round that, no man entitled to put his brother down less he's happy to be judged by his PEERS too, not his SUPEERS, no, even my Mama's Good Book say that STRAIGHT so there's no misunderstanding Jesus meaning {and let's not even get into how this Palestinian or Ethiopian dude Jesus come out all Pat Roberston stinky pink ithe historical wash, see't?), and these people come on so Christian when its election time?

"I say put Funny George in the dock about a few things pre 2001 and cut off his high price high style lawyers up from Texas and don't allow him no WHITE MAN recourse and civil rights, see how autocute smarmy and oval offence spick and shit eating SMUG the man be his daddy's contacts not there to pull his big dumb monkey hand out the cookie jar, see how all git up on himself he stay when Mr Toe-knee Blaeurgh run off down the first avenue away from this new BAD STINK rising. Ha!

"Ain't gone be all snake hiss words about LIBERTY then, boys. No SUH!
Go sell LIBERTY to them brothers in Gwan-TENNAE-mo Bay, cos they the ones NEED it most right now, not the House Representatives who I know for GOD DAMN SURE don't represent but 1% MY people, and that ONE percent all prissy bout how his SLAVE NAME be pronounced... CO lin PO-lice how his name sound on this man's midnight radio ...

- and then MISTER H---e---X HE stepped up like Orpheus reborn as the wise pimp who read the PreSocratics in prison who you'd always wished you had as a smart Uncle when you was 11 and had posters up on your wall of this BEAUTIFUL BLACK MAN you wanted to grow up to BE with his birth of the universe waistcoat and paisley orgasm shirts and hsi LEFT HAND PATH on the ice white guitar and his cosmic giggles and damn but that trickster fool Icarus boy up from the fields played the GOLD out of an old favourite:

If you can just
get your ..........
MIND 2gether
then come on across to me
we'll HOLD HANDS and then
we'll ...........
watch the sunrise
from the bottom of the sea


are you
HEX peer IAN ssss?
have u ever been
HEX peer IAN ssss?

Wellllll ..........
I have...

I know I know
you'll probably scream and cry
that your LITTLE WORLD won't let you go
but who in your MEASLY little world
are you
trying to prove that ........
you're made out of gold and uh
so UH ...

are you
HEX peer IAN ssss?
have u ever been
HEX peer IAN ssss?
i haaaaa aaaaa ve ......
let me
proooooo0ooove it
to u...

Then he waved his spectrail sexstringed wand, let loose a witchy wise but Bataille black burst of unshackled cackled LAUGHTER, and with a parting, cryptic
{then you'll ... never hear ... S Club music again ...!
was gone....

posted by Ian 7/18/2003 12:14:00 PM

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