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Current INtre readings}

· Elliot Weinberger · 9/12 · Prickly Paradigm Press
· Ellen Meiskins Wood · Empire of Capital · Verso
· Lewis Lapham · Theater of War · The New Press
· Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber · Weapons of Mass Distraction ·
· Danny Schechter · Media Wars · Rowman & Littlefield
· Philip Jenkins · Images of Terror · Aldine de Gruyter
· Yosri Fouda & Nick Fielding · Masterminds of Terror · Mainstream
· Baruch Kimmerling · POLITICIDE: Ariel Sharon's War Against the
Palestinians · Verso
· Noam Chomsky· Middle East Illusions · Rowman & Littlefield
· Lord Russell of Liverpool · Nazi War Crimes · Greenhill
· Neil Levi & Michael Rothberg [Eds.]· The Holocaust*: Theoretical
Readings · Edinburgh Uni Press
· Samantha Power · "A Problem From Hell" America and the Age of
Genocide · Flamingo
· Raoul Vaneigem · A Declaration of the Rights of Human Beings · Pluto

So the next time anyone shrugs and says, you know, the media doesn't tell us the stuff we really need to know, doesn't challenge us, what you gonna do? ... gently remind them that books are a medium too.

{*Don't know what this parapraxis means, but I originally typed: "Holocause". Which, I have to say, does fit in with the slowly dawning perspective that far from being the awful End of History, the monumental Never Again, the matchless Disaster ... it looks increasingly like the blueprint for an epoch. As see the Pulitzer Prize winning Power title [now avlble in p/bck]; dream traces from her RWANDA chapter woke me up sweating/sobbing the other night ...}

+ if your really want to JOG your realpolitik perceptions, go jogging in this man's wonderland of fact-log and investigative revelation.

And big meow! out to PB reader Brian D. for his Giorgio Agamben nod.

posted by Ian 7/11/2003 12:33:00 PM

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