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{Re Sylvian and Japan:
As far as greatest moments go . . .
What about the "Quiet Life" 45?
or the "Art of Parties" 12"?
And where the hell mouth do Soft Cell fit into all this? {"Numbers"? Great 45!

+ ---- -

Today I have been mostly wearing white chinos and a black black black Andy-tribute t shirt, caption: HUGE FUCKIN' PROBLEM

THIS WEEKS OBJECTS of vicious scorn impatience and class war contempt:
Tim bloody Henmania adepts w/ thr bloody union-jack facepaint and their oh so whacky humor including can you fucking stand it will you fucking credit it JESTER hats and thr BLOODY union jack throws + capes + their 'C'mon Tim!' and applauding the opponents mistakes or slips or bad luck near misses and screaming hallejeebies hysteria when the poor Other double faults as if this were somehow Henman's doing {I single this out for particular contempt} - and their OH! when Henman drops a point as if it were an instance of arrant cosmic unfairness rather than a simple human mistake I hate them I hate them I hate them and I finally GET tennis and start to enjoy it and have to sit through this nasty tainted screaming chauvinist triumphalism I mean let's call SCUM SCUM when it comes to - as it did tonight - actually BOOing good points from Henman's opponent and yelling false calls to throw him off - oh, but these are TENNIS fans, they're middle class - THEY CAN'T be YOBS can they? but this is REALLY scum-like behaviour by any classification but of course no comment frm the commentary box because this is All England ra ra at its best but personally I can only watch any Henman game with the SOUND OFF it's reached such a state of unpleasantness ...

My favourite WEST WING character and role model - Toby Ziegler - revealed in tonite's episode that he is exactly the same age as me. (Maybe a year older.)

And 2, I'd forgotten this, but when he was alive me and Andy Warhol shared a birthday. (Me, Andy Warhol and Bob Mitchum: not bad astrological company, eh?)


... and how great is it that you look at the cover for The Velvet Underground & Nico producd by ANDY WARHOL and there's the 'produced by' and the big colour projections and then, right there at the bottom it says it quite clearly:

(registered)(copyright) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

as if the whole thing were indeed a Warhol conceived movie rather than a music biz tended release.

posted by Ian 7/10/2003 11:47:00 AM

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