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I'm in LOVE
I'm in LOVE
I'm in LOVE
With your STRICT machine!

A few weeks or a coupla months ago {I dunno time has just seemed LIMITLESS and boundless and FREE since ...
a) Later With Jools Holland finished; and ...
b) I actually stopped watching Big Brother*

...} uh, I half heartedly slagged or more accurately shrugged off GOLDFRAPP after seeing her/them perform on the aforementioned Later With Fats Subino**...

Well, freed from the constriction of what I have to admit is a context in which I may well not have been able to see the WOO for the trees... I find myself besotted with the Goldfrapp 45 "STRICT MACHINE" amd I happily go about my bizness all day singing its refrain...; I actually have a promo copy of the whole elpee but thus far haven't been able to get past I'm in LOVE I'm in LOVE I'm in LOVE with your STRICT MACHIIIIIAN-IAN....
Tho' as I type I've graduated to tracks nine and ten and I'm very much liking what I hear, which is a kind of Fem dominatrickster take on THE IDIOT era electronicroon and cubist stomp and electritease tongue flicker and pomonstre plaint, which, you have to admit, is a pretty enticing prospect... kinda like Grace Jones*** crossed with the best {ie slow, faux soulful****} bits of Garbage

*{I have to say [see preceding log] that I'm rather proud of the fact that I literally SLEPT through the entire final night of Big Brother. So which of the teleblobbies won it, then? Accent, teeth, bald, or scouser-lite? Oh, look, the world remains the SAME ...

**{S&M gag.

***{this just in: "Grace Jones is set to shake up the British aristocracy [...] the 52-year-old singer - who is six feet tall and famous for her bondage gear - is engaged to Viscount Wimbourne, 35. The couple met in the studio, whee the old Etonian was working as a producer. They plan to settle at his 2,700 acre estate at Ashby St Ledgers in Northamptonshire. Jones is not a woman to cross: she ended her last engagement - to the musclebound actor Dolph Lundgren - by setting fire to his entire wardrobe." [Source: Mail on Sunday/The Week]
I do like the "entire" in that last sentence. Didn't I see that in an early Polanski or Surrealist short, a wardrobe in flames?

****{cf. the s-uh-blime "MILK"}

posted by Ian 7/26/2003 11:36:00 AM

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