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SIN TRAY round up contd}


... and gigolo and gigolette
wake up to find their eyes are wet
with tales that tell of broken dreams


{We notice that the makers of BIG BROTHER have themselves noticed that this years playmates are so dull - evince such a lack of personality* that notional traces of 'personality' have sunk below detectable levels ... our participants melt away, identifiable only by the insignia of their OUTERmost surfaces or tasks - so that Big Brother's Little Bristle has been reduced to a vain attempt at whipping up audience enthusiasm by making a c/u FETISH of blusher, lipgloss, dressing gowns, rubber gloves, so forth.
Even, tonight, excessive sweating, and the residual traces therefrom.

And you thought I was jesting when I talked about Big Brother's petit objets a ...

{*Can one evince a lack? Does such a communal representation of absence watermark some kind of post modern coup de theatre?}

+ ---- -

And once again YES I know it's manipulative but I love THE WEST WING - it moves me - it touchs all the right buttons about community tradition aspiration effort and its an always useful reminder - in the midst of ones Bush-stoked contempt - of how much I love america, how I'd live there in a second, love it superficially and deeply, love its surfaces and its songs, the good times I've had there, the good people I've met, the time people have given, the things people have given, from waitresses to 'stars', paradigms of hospitality all ...

posted by Ian 7/10/2003 02:15:00 PM

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