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so - what

so - what distinguishes i was idly wandering TV images glittering over the surface of my I, as I say, what might distinguish the world the whirl the death head WIT and glare of WARHOL & the FACTORY from the world of Hello! et al?

{Wouldn't HELLO - minus that bothersome exclamation point - already be a quintessentially Warholian title?* Altho we would of course prefer something along the lines of HEY or SHUT THE DOOR ON YOUR WAY OUT or INSIPID DERISION or LIZARD EYES or SKIN DEATH or THE NEGENTROPIC VISTA OF FLASH BULB DEATH or ...
Hello, hello, hollow.
If there's a hell down below, we're all going to go ... for 15 minutes.
Heaven as a Warhol movie. The ultimate Warhol movie. Endless. Low on incident. Full of the right people. Spectral/banal.

{*Heat, on the other hand - despite a superficial resemblance to the titles of mid period Factory fodder like Trash et al - isn't a Warholian title. Too focus group somehow ... it also comes dangerously close to giving the impression it thinks this is a perfectly APPROPRIATE title for the contents within.}


Likewise the webblog*.
If taken strictly at face value - utilised to expose the fatuity the flow the skittery nerve-line of nervously admitted truth, the phatic diurnal crawl, the poison Nile(ism) of garbage daily flowing into our eyes around our heads blogging up our Is - and not as some carefully tidy near-PC alternative thesis masquerading as 24/7 log, weblogs are also potentially oh so post Warholian.
A post Warholian POST.

{*BLOG, it has to be said, is an awfully icky word, far too adult-babygro, far too adjacent to i.e. "bonk" for my taste, the latter a word I have always loathed.)

Martin Amis {in one of the only things he's ever said I wanted to say YES! to} once talked about that "voice" we all have, the second voice, the other voice, that keeps up a sad mad bad un-PC commentary all day in our heads - and we only ever 'hear' our own and so are not quite sure what to be ashamed of and what not to worry our pretty little objet a's over ... and there's not quite enuff of that voice abroad yet, for my taste, in the world of web-logging.

posted by Ian 7/10/2003 02:11:00 PM

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