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The following message is an announcement from the
Rickie Lee Jones Web Site.

Rickie Lee Jones will participate in a panel at the
Vista Theater in Hollywood on July 23. The panel will
last about an hour and will follow the premiere of
the film "A Night of Ferocious Joy" - a film of last
year's ArtSpeaks! concert, the first major anti-war
concert in the country. The movie shows at 7 pm,
discussion starts at 8. Ticket information is at

Background Information:

Almost from the moment the World Trade Center Towers
collapsed, the message to artists and entertainers
from Washington to Fox News has been clear: "Watch
what you say." And the threat hasn't been idle. From
the cancellation of "Politically Incorrect" to the
vicious Clearchannel-led assault on the Dixie Chicks,
artists who speak out against the juggernaut of war
and repression we are living through have faced real,
serious attacks. But artists have also not been idle.
As portrayed in the film A Night of Ferocious Joy and
seen in the streets, singers, poets, actors and writers
have played an important role in the resistance that
reached unprecedented proportions in the months leading
up to the invasion of Iraq.

It's clear the government isn't about to stop their
march across the globe, and neither can we. This panel
will bring together artists who have stepped out and
faced attacks, and will take on the questions of where
do we go from here? Do artists and entertainers have a
"right to speak" on major world events? How do we
defend that right? And what can and must be done in
the months ahead? Please join us.

The panel is called "Art During Wartime: Real Attacks
and Real Responses". It is meant to cover the situation
domestically as well as internationally and panel members
will speak from their own experience. There will be a
moderator who will pose specific question to people on
the panel. A big part of the discussion will focus on
the challenges facing artists in these situations - both
in terms of speaking out publicly and in the creation of
art inspired by and challenging all this.

Other panelists include: comedian David Cross, Richard
Montoya, Moroccan musician Hassan Hakmoun, Rakaa Iriscience
from Dilated Peoples, Wil-Dog from Ozomatli, Ami Motavelli,
filmmakers St. Clair Bourne and David Zeiger.

please visit http://www.rickieleejones.com

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Do we have any Pill Box readers in Hollywood?
Can you go along and report on this for us?
Oh, and tell Rickie I love her.

posted by Ian 7/16/2003 07:25:00 AM

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