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Well, I tried ... but I'm sorry, there isn't enough patience in a month of my world to deal with this ...

I just tried to POST a sample: a comparatively miniscule amount of text, something which OLD STYLE Blogger would have had no trouble digesting: it used to publish whole articles without so much as a flicker or hiccough or complaint.

But now - with this tiny bit of text - what happens?

It goes AWOL.
And every 10 or 15 seconds a message flashes up on my screen - the textual equivalent of one of those murderously annoying 'caller waiting' PHONE voices which tell you every 5 seconds for half an hour that your call is being "dealt" with, don't panic, our newly privatised phone exchange employees in Calcutta or Joliet Prison will presently be dealing with your enquiry - here saying :

This may take a few minutes if you have a large blog."

- which besides being unnecessarily personal {what's the size of my log to you, eh?} is untrue {it was more than a few minute} and is incredibly annoying; not just such messages are always annoying per se, but because this is DOUBTLESS the sort of thing Blogger/Google think of as one of the prime aspects of their "new improved" mode. And this is PRECISELY the sort of "improvement" that focus-group type wonks come up with for their "consumers" {without, you know, ever actually asking their consumers if this is top of their list for improvements}, like when BT changed their name to BLANDOCALL or whatever it was, but then had to change it back again after a few months, and all at a cost of 9 million to investors and consumers, 9 million which could have been spent on effecting GENUINE on the ground helpful changes, but , OH NO, it's ALWAYS these cosmetic fillips that the wonks {WHO PROBABLY DONT EVEN USE THE SERVICE} suggest, and the only people who ACTUALLY benefit are wonks and "design teams" and lawyers with their huge fucking fees for services WHICH THE WORLD COULD EASILY LIVE WITHOUT ...

Well, BLAST them all.

If Blogger now can't handle what would have been a piss of piece for it a couple of weeks ago, then sod it. I'm not sitting here holding my breath, swearing silently, being patronised by a server, and WASTING TIME which could be spent thinking and reading and writing, all because some fucking GOOGLE smart alec wonk decided they had to justify their newly created or contracted NON JOB by suggesting stupid pointless "improvements" to a system that was fine and sweet and perfect AS IT WAS ... changing it now into one that seems to be designed to handle only the briefest, blandest posts.


well BIG GIANT COCKS to you, you busybody dickheads, and if my POST is too BIG for you then you know what? I'M GLAD. I'd HATE it if it wasn't. You have the sensibility of accountants. And right now I REALLY wish I was a bit more like Sylvio Berlusconi and I'd REALLY let fucking rip.

{You think this is bad? Ho! You have NO idea!

Well, ever hear of 'don't get mad, get even?'

Now all of that research ito Aleister Crowley and Maya Deren and John Dee and WSB hasn't, I have to tell you, gone to waste; and as soon as I have logged off I am going to myself DESIGN a custom-built GOOGLE specific CURSE, and let me tell you, they have worked before, and let's just say that if you have shares in the future of Google/Blogger well, I'd think about dumping them NOW ...

So FUCK you ... and I hope you have 1000s and 1000s of uttely trivial pointless identical harmless apolitical read-by-4 people blogs with your NEW IMRPOVED compartmentalised e-zy acess HARD TO USE blogmachine ...

posted by Ian 7/03/2003 11:33:00 AM

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