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Well: thermidor enuff for ya buddy?

It would be the HOTTEST day in 13 years on MY BIRTHDAY, thus rendering any form of movement after about 1:00 pm actually painful, so that one had no choice but to just GO UNCONSCIOUS and OK, I won't mention MY BIRTHDAY again until - YIKES! My computer screen is morphing, like, from shade to shade to shade {"We FADE TO GREY!"*} - which I hope is an afterburn result of things I did on MY BIRTHDAY and not ...

Actually, I was a bit Krusty the Klown yesterday wasn't I?
'It's THREE HOURS OF FUN time, kids! [Krusty laff!] But seriously, today is also HORRIFIC HIGHWAY DEATHS DAY ... and [squints red eyes] according to the terms of Krusty's Court Order ...'**

*{ I never thought there'd be circumstances under which I found myself quoting THAT.

**{ALL TIME KLASSIC Simpsons quote sometime in the last 48 hrs: the one where OMNITOUCH™ mobile phone company have bought up the Bill of Rights, becoz, as the right wing bossy babe spokesperson explains to Lisa: "Uncle Sam needs to spend your tax dollars on the ESSENTIALS, such as ... anti-tobacco programmes ... pro-tobacco programmes ... killing wild doggies ... and Israel." [Thus: one of the many benefits of the BBC's endless-loop REPEAT of the handful of Simpsons episodes they currently have: what simply made me cough up my cheesecake the first coupla times becoz I was laffing so hard I can now nerdboy transcribe word 4 word ...]

posted by Ian 8/07/2003 07:27:00 AM

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