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Pontalis again, who is talking here about the {re-animated} task of the analyst, but these words, I think it is easy to see, have a wider resonance ... the windows are open, light pours in ...

"Let's agree to to be exposed to this passion, to this rage, to this wailing, to these silences, to all forms of this excess, in full ignorance of what incited it. Allow ourselves to be touched, wounded, and demolished in our own being. Keep company with the shadows so that we may dream, if possible, in this darkness interrupted by flashes of light, in order to try to approach what is radically other, what the other feels as being foreign, but from which they cannot escape.

If thought is to be set in motion again one first has to bring it to a halt. It has to be struck in fear or amazement, must allow itself to be ravished even at the risk of losing itself. Stop, start up again. Astonishment, then discovery. Bewilderment, then insight. Immobility, then mobility. A thought that seeks to be constantly agile and which never undergoes the tribulation of failure, a kind of intelligence that fears idiocy, a kind of word that would never weaken, would ignore what was at the base of thought, of intelligence, of the word. It is what I am calling the infans or the silence of beginnings."

"What Is, for a Time, Essential to Me"
from Windows [see below]

posted by Ian 8/10/2003 11:39:00 AM

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