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... hah! only just noticed that: 24 Thermidor; and I was just about to kick off with a thing about 24 !!

Or rather, was about to gloat, sort of.
"Yeah, OK, but you gotta see how it ends, right?" sez Mark in re 24 ... well, nnnno no no no no!, actually, that's en oh, no, for, just as I was pleased as punch with the [f]act that I SLEPT THRU the entire final night of the Big Brother* slumber party {oh yes, we believe in the unsurpassable wisdom of the Unconscious round here, we do, we still really do ...} likewise last night ... well let's just say my TV DETOX is going so well [total viewing last few days: half an hour of Law & Order Special Victims Unit and VIDEO SET for Straw Dogs documentary as yet unwatched] that not only did I completely forget about the oh yeah REAL cliffhanger final episode of 24** I even forgot SIX FEET UNDER was on, which regular readers will know I venerate...***

*{-have u noticed how CHANNEL 4 are flogging their E4 run of the American Big Brother with what amounts to a tacit admission that this year's U.K. B.B. was worse than watching post modern day glo paint dry? I.e a voiceover that goes something like "-there's no chance of snoozing/boredom HERE ..."

**{{-I mean, why not just hunt down or dig out an old VHS copy of Frankenheimer's Black Sunday [1976], say?

***{{{ - although I have to say, and tho it pains me to have to say it, the last few weeks ... I dunno. Is it me, is it the series itself, midterm second series syndrome uh?, is it my disenchantment with TV in general, but ... this isn't the first time in the last few weeks I forgot 6 FEET was on, I already missed the first half of one, and during other episodes I've drifted off into doodling activities, the vice like GRIP it had on me having seemingly evaporated, no warning, just like that, UNpop!, I mean there was a time when, as with The Sopranos I would right now be sending out desperate probes to find if someone+anyone had recorded said missed episode but now ... not only don't I care, but I'm kinda happy/proud ... that instead of sitting glued to the blue flicker, I was OUT last night - YES! ME! OUT! - with actual real live human people!, and it was great!, and talk about a warp in the time tunnel we got on the inside of ye olde PUB LOCK IN! Which is the first time in an AEON I've been inside one of those, OK admittedly I'm a virtual recluse, but I didn't even think they happened anymore ... and it makes me more happy than you can know that at a time when the final episode of a supposedly UNmissable super smug super pleased with itself up its own narrative ass US thriller was unfurling I was starring in of one of the first episodes in my own new series, 44, in which a pale faced loner realises that his LIFE is ticking away and it's time for him to do something about it, to shift his fat arse and turn dreams into responsibilities and wishing into will, and, having defused the timebomb of deferral, go - in one beat! - from TV head burial to feral adventures out in the cool night air ...

+ ---- +

H-E-Y! Wait a minute ... mister postman just been and come n gone and left with me a copy of ... the nu LESTER BANGS comp.*
I will just say for a kick out the jams kick-off that
a} it's got all the ones I wished were in the first one but weren't
b} just the TITLES alone make better reading than 99% of today's rock hacks
c} back soon ...
... i.e. NORMAL service will be resumed just as soon as I've had a longish flick thru this here ... mmm, cripes, where to start, the Eno ["Eno Sings with the Fishes"]?, the Beefheart ["Captain Beefheart's Far Cry: He's Alive, But So Is Paint. Are You?"]?, the Miles ["Miles: Music for the Living Dead"]?, or "Your Shadow is Scared of You: An Attempt Not to Be Frightened by Nico" or "If Oi Were A Carpenter" or ...

{Mainlines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste
A Lester Bangs Reader
Edited with an Introduction by John Morthland
Published Serpent's Tail 18 September
Paperback Original £9.99

+ ---- +

Song I Woke Up Singing This Morning

Sam Phillips: "now i can't find the door" and i'm tempted to quote those lyrics in full but i think i might end up feeling uncryptically foolish and uncharacteristically ... nevermind.

Time I think for that essential second coffee and a third IBUPROFEN w/ my ACE PLUS juice {100% Natural Juice: Carrot, Orange, Apple Vitamin C. Vitamin E. Pro-vitamin A. NO SUGAR. NO PRESERVATIVES} and various other remedies ... no sugar, too many preservatives, there's the problem in a nut shell ...

- ---- +

*{NB to Serpents Tail. LUV the Lester book and thankyou thankyou kissy kiss for sending me a copy n'all BUT - and this applies to a far wider domain of People Who Send and/or Commission Things - and maybe it's my whingey paranoia but there is just that tiny element of TYPECASTING still at work here e.g., an underlying fear that for 89% of the world I will FOREVER be I.P. FROM THE NME who's only interested in RAWK when e.g. i've already dropped a subtle hint on this page weeks back that what I really wanted was the new JUAN GOYTISOLO {OK: the entire oeuvre} and I'll admit it - my heart was beating as I undid the seal on the Serpents Tail-franked package thinking 'make it Goytisolo make it Goytisolo please make it Goytisolo ...' and that I was just the teensiest bit disappointed that it wasn't JG inside ... which, that said, having scanned the Contents of the Lester comp I now can't WAIT to dive in tho' but ...

+ ---- +


Oh and by the way, Mark, in re that Fun & Pun with I.P's INITIALS?
Yes, it had been noted, but comes down to it, I think I prefer
"Indie Porn" to "Internet Protocol" ...

+ ---- -

... oh O-W, my first hangover since about 1998 and I was only drinking lager tops like the cissy boy I am, oh oh ME-OW ...

... back soon tho' but ...

posted by Ian 8/11/2003 11:31:00 AM

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