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"The cat could very well be man's best friend, but would never stoop to admitting it."
Doug Larson {The Palm Beach Post/The Week}


... just as I was double checking the spelling of QUOI in my HARRAP'S I noticed that querelle, as in Genet's Querelle of Brest i.e., means "quarrel, dispute", which I didn't actually know, always just thinking of it as a naturally resonant nom or homonym or homme-oh-nom home/name, name-as-place, placename* or etc/whatever { ... queer as hell... or 'que...elle?' as in 'who is SHE? who does SHE think she is?' and "Q" as the ambisexual omnisexual mystery or blank or pivot around which the passive aggressive narrative 'action' grinds & winds & clinks & surfs & oils & soils itself with, "Q" as the question addressed to the liminal desires or nominal preferences of all and sundried & sea-flecked here ... the quarrel they have not just amongst themselves - for him - but with[in] themselves, over him, this blank, this queerhymn theorem who forces them to solve the Q of their own true desires, to tie themselves up in chains of nautical signifiers or unknot that 'pas' or past in their stomach ...

+ Querelle d'amoureux: = "lover's tiff", so he's the "if" of tiff or more accurately or figuratively he's the [book's / location's / port's] lovers' "turf", who they war over. {HE WAR? Who, HE? etc} They all querelle over possession of this icon, this pretty thief and con {ha!} artist, master of ingratitude {"Whistle and I'll fuck you with a knife ..."} and cap-back hattitude, this thief of identity, profaning beauty for mere booty {prizes taken at sea, plunder, bounty, spoil ...}, stealing grandeur from the gutter and Crucifictional blastitude from the salty air ... and ... stop me before I get too FLOWERY here why dont you, my flowers ... !
Je ne sais quoi.
{Does that actually mean something, anything? But well for sum reason it echoes in my typing tipping slIPerry head ...

*{see e.g., "Place Names" in DESIRE IN LANGUAGE · Julia Kristeva [Basil Blackwell 1980]

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Knocked up again this morning, oooh er yeah yeah.
But this time it was my every day postman: a model of politesse, who, almost as if he had read yesterday's Pill Box, addressed me as "Sir" this a.m. I mean, I myself am ALWAYS "please" and "thankyou" with everyone until they give me cause to do/be otherwise: always. {Young lad behind counter at Waitrose. "Thanks for that." Me: "What?" "For being nice. For saying 'cheers'." Me: "Wha-?" He: "Some of these...' - surveying the endless hygeinic middle class people-carrier plains of Waitrose N7, biting his tongue, only just stopping himself from spitting what he's thinking, in non-discreet street terminology '- like that cu... Like that bloke before you: ten minutes, can i see that one, oh no, can i see the other one, will you get me this, that's not what I want at all, and then NOTHING: no thankyou, nothing. It don't take much does it?"
No, it doesn't.

Like this morning - could almost have been an updated sketch from That Was The Week....
Postman: rotund, gruff, bluff, crop haired, Arsenal supporter.
Me: actually, no really, actually in a silk dressing gown {well, it's the only straight-outta-sleeptown thing I got that's light enough for this heatwave weather and I don't know for 100% sure that it is silk but it's silk looking, this lovely fleur de lys trippy pattern, and here's the best bit, the as it were punctum, the label identifies it as The NOMAD Dressing Gown and has a great little silhouette profile ™ figure of a guy on a camel...}

... anyway, I just said THANKS A LOT coz he always goes to the trouble, this guy, of not trying to bend magazines and parcels thru the letter box and he just replied THATS ALRIGHT SIR, and that's how it should be, second nature, no big deal, neither dissimulated surliness/snottiness nor creepy fake-fawny HAVE A NICE DAY automatic pilot ...
... and if ANYONE wants to read the CHASM between yesterday's officious little passive aggressive prick and today's Mr Nice Guy as some kind of SYMBOLIC marker of difference between private and public, profit and service, or something, I'm not the one's gonna stop them ...

+ ---- {more soon ... COFFEE + CAT + SUNSHINE BREAK.}

posted by Ian 8/15/2003 03:02:00 PM

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