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A final {I hope} word on the mousepads-at-7-paces cyber face-off between T.W.A.N.B.O.C. and The Pill Box.

Truce, M.?
I hereby offer publically a big sloppy X and make-up.

But just to underline something while the smoke clears.
"Sure I'm NOBODY ... and you're Ian Penman," sez Matthew.

Well, Mat, in the final analysis, "Ian Penman" is mostly but a signature, and very few people KNOW much about the diurnal "me" behind that signature {sometimes, least or last of all, me}; and if the implication is that "Ian Penman" is - or considers himself - some big important dude in the world of trendy London, well, as the few people who do know me would tell you {once they'd stopped laughing hysterically} them ain't the facts, guy. I hang out with my cats and the microcosmically few people I trust and love and/or the few remaining people who vice versa. {The big pay-off to this being that I would trust them with my life: I only hope you all have such people in your lives.} And the fact being that "Ian Penman" feels far more comfortable with the 99.9% LOVELY and smart and challenging people he has so far "met" {albeit in the heart of cyberspace} through The Pill Box than he ever has or would with trendy media folk.

Unless, of course, y'all think I'm "slumming" or something ... but really, come on! {And in case it's escaped your attention, I ain't exactly flavour of the month in the mainstream broadsheet/magazine world; can't get arrested is the country-simple fact ...

So, yeah, love you guys ... altho that is the one major complaint I maybe have with the set-up as it stands: why so MONO sex?
And, to some extent, so UN-sexy or un-sexual? I mean, I can't be the only het in this 'ticular web whose thoughts sometimes drift, well, you know, past theory and George Bush and Japan re-issues {which, by the way, 1,000 words on Sylvian/Japan re-issues coming up in The Wire soon, by yours truly ... and my god can I NOT STOP PLAYING "The Art of Parties" [12" 45 version] ... like, just to prove I have my fanboy record collector moments too, seen? And today - my GOD, this new Keith Hudson compilation, Play It Cool? Strictly WONDROUS! ... }

+ ---- +

That Sinclair interview went well this morning I thought; and in fact, unearthed a whole raft of NEWSTYLE takes on I.S. and issues related I didn't even know were lurking inside my head waiting to be sprung & spun. To be articulated soon; but if there is a bit less Pill Box posting than usual, it's because another part of my post-TV detox reinvention is GETTING OUT AND MEETING PEOPLE. And you know what? It's lovely; I've been a fool to be reclusive for soooo long .... and I AM quite busy, all of a sudden, the way these things tend to go: noooothing for months and then 4 things to do at once.

So if I don't answer e-mails, or am slow on the echo-back, just please DON'T {as I've said before} take it personally. It's hit and miss at the best of times.

posted by Ian 8/20/2003 03:27:00 PM

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