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"... some fresh air ..."

As regards Irony and certain other things {perhaps, e.g., "good" or "bad" anything: writing, pop, politics ...} that have popped or cropped up around here lately: ... maybe ...

"Language saves us from the grip, the influence, and the tyranny of the concept. Freud speaks somewhere - I no longer remember where - of the unsurpassable wisdom of language. Is it the unsurpassable wisdom or the unsurpassable madness? Both. Words are travelers in every way (whereas the concept tends to claim just one meaning, it defines, it circumscribes its field of applications). Language breathes; it is mobile; and rich or impoverished, it can say everything; it is a meeting with the unexpected. It disconcerts the concept, mocks it.

Can we do without the weapons and baggage that concepts bring to us? No, of course not, but we could try to pull ourselves away from concepts, or at least avoid staying subjugated to them, so that we can stay open to the inconceivable.

[But surely some inventor of concepts will come along and fabricate the concept of the inconceivable!]"

from Windows
[Bison Books / University of Nebraska Press 2003]

posted by Ian 8/10/2003 10:49:00 AM

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